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And also, Sergio Leone was considered in Italy a director of category B, not a big director.

Tags: Big, Director, Italy  ✍ Author: Claudia Cardinale

But Sergio Leone invented totally the way of, you know, the details, the eyes, the hands - fantastic.

Tags: Eyes, Fantastic, Hands  ✍ Author: Claudia Cardinale

Sergio Leone was a big influence on me because of the spaghetti westerns.

Tags: Big, Influence, Spaghetti  ✍ Author: Quentin Tarantino

Sergio Leone's 'Once Upon a Time in America' is a brilliant movie. It's about four hours long, but it's so well done.

Tags: America, Done, Time  ✍ Author: Erik Estrada

Being a kid growing up with Kurosawa films and watching Sergio Leone movies just made me love what it could do to you, and how it could influence you - make you dream.

Tags: Dream, Love, Movies  ✍ Author: Antoine Fuqua

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