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Shintaro Ishihara's Quotes

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Born: 1932-09-30
Profession: Politician
Nation: Japanese
Biography of Shintaro Ishihara

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Let them bomb Japan with that nasty missile. Their missile cannot load a nuclear warhead.

Tags: Cannot, Nasty, Nuclear

No, I did not offer to resign for a second.

Tags: Offer, Resign, Second

He wasn't sure exactly which day, but what's noteworthy about that is that is also before Valerie Plame is first identified in the Robert Novak piece that ran on Monday, July 14.

Tags: Monday, Piece, Sure

I think the bottom line for me and for Newsweek is that there were a lot of - we did retract this specific matter about the Koran and the toilet for the reasons that you just cited.

Tags: Line, Matter, Reasons

If - you know, it seems to me that if we see Matt Cooper being carted off to jail today, a lot of people may find that, you know, a very upsetting thing.

Tags: May, Off, Today

Look, obviously that was - created quite a firestorm, but Newsweek editors have made clear that this was a situation where, you know, a solid, well-placed source provided some information.

Tags: Clear, Quite, Situation

Mr. Luskin also says that Rove did not knowingly disclose classified information and did not tell any reporters that Valerie Plame worked for the C.I.A.

Tags: Says, Tell, Worked

Potentially significant, by the way, because we don't know exactly what's in Matt Cooper's notes, and we don't know - and we don't still know the answer to the crucial question of whether it was Rove or somebody else that revealed Valerie Plame's name to him.

Tags: Else, Him, Question

Some of the best stories that I've gotten, that others have written about this administration, about the previous administration, you have to rely on anonymous sources.

Tags: Best, Others, Written

There is simply no plausible construction of the known evidence that leaves out Novak either providing a proffer through his lawyer of what he would say if he testified or having testified directly.

Tags: Either, Known, Simply

We also quoted Robert Luskin, Rove's attorney, acknowledging that Rove did speak to Cooper late on the week prior to the article coming out, which would have been July 10 or 11.

Tags: Late, Speak, Week

Well, it is true that they did - the Pentagon did impose rules for governing the handling of the Koran in January of 2003, after there had been complaints about the handling of the Koran from detainees, from the International Red Cross.

Tags: After, Rules, True

You know, this is - one can imagine how life would be different if one body of Congress was controlled by the other party, there would be subpoena power and there would be all - mechanisms to get to the bottom of all sorts of issues of controversy.

Tags: Body, Life, Power
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