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Stealing Quotes

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But this will not do, God will certainly punish you for stealing and for being unfaithful.

Tags: God, Unfaithful  ✍ Author: Peter Hammill

Well, stealing bases adds some runs but very few, and you lose most of the runs that you gain by having runners caught stealing.

Tags: Few, Lose  ✍ Author: Bill James

Me and my partners had been stealing cars for a while.

Tags: Cars, While  ✍ Author: Aaron Neville

Dickens is one of those authors who are well worth stealing.

Tags: Dickens, Worth  ✍ Author: George Orwell

No people is wholly civilized where a distinction is drawn between stealing an office and stealing a purse.

Tags: Between, Office  ✍ Author: Theodore Roosevelt

I remember stealing some pic n' mix when I was seven; when I got out of the shop, I burst into tears.

Tags: Remember, Tears  ✍ Author: Jessica Brown Findlay

Borrowing is not much better than begging; just as lending with interest is not much better than stealing.

Tags: Begging, Interest  ✍ Author: Doris Lessing

Why are people so interested in other people's relationships? It's like stealing.

Tags: Interested, Why  ✍ Author: Marlee Matlin

Stealing things is a glorious occupations, particularly in the art world.

Tags: Art, Glorious  ✍ Author: Malcolm Mclaren

Power is every stealing from the many to the few.

Tags: Few, Power  ✍ Author: Wendell Phillips

Men are not hanged for stealing horses, but that horses may not be stolen.

Tags: May, Men  ✍ Author: George Savile

They're stealing my ideas. They're imitating my shots.

Tags: Ideas, Shots  ✍ Author: David O. Selznick

The Indians began to be troublesome all around me, killing and wounding cattle, stealing horses, and threatening to attack us. I was obliged to make campaigns against them and punish them.

Tags: Against, Attack  ✍ Author: John Sutter

I've made an incredible amount of money stealing fans from homeowners.

Tags: Fans, Money  ✍ Author: Douglas Wilson

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