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Tan Quotes

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I can't tan naturally.

Tags: Naturally  ✍ Author: Billy Eckstine

I work out like a maniac and I spray tan a lot. Genetics were kind, but I work very hard.

Tags: Hard, Work  ✍ Author: Anna Paquin

There's no such thing as a healthy tan, and that's what people need to understand.

Tags: Healthy, Understand  ✍ Author: Gabrielle Union

They built these little tanning booths for Brooke and I to do nothing but lay down and tan all over.

Tags: Built, Tanning  ✍ Author: Christopher Atkins

It's amazing what a spray-on tan will do.

Tags: Amazing  ✍ Author: David Cook

I've never dyed my hair, never fixed my teeth or gotten a tan.

Tags: Hair, Teeth  ✍ Author: Kat Dennings

The way to make coaches think you're in shape in the spring is to get a tan.

Tags: Coaches, Spring  ✍ Author: Whitey Ford

Trust me, sunscreen is so, so, so important and so I always wear sunscreen, but I still get really tan.

Tags: Trust, Wear  ✍ Author: Lea Michele

When you're tan, you feel better about yourself.

Tags: Yourself  ✍ Author: Nicole Polizzi

I have olive skin, so if I get pale, I look green. I have to tan.

Tags: Green, Skin  ✍ Author: Nicole Richie

I'm not a tanning bed person at all, but I'll get a spray tan.

Tags: Bed, Tanning  ✍ Author: Hillary Scott

I'm actually more confident when I'm tan.

Tags: Actually, Confident  ✍ Author: Shanina Shaik

I use fake tan myself with a self tanning spray.

Tags: Fake, Self  ✍ Author: Lisa Snowdon

I can tan. I get tannish. It's not really tan, it's tannish. That kind of color.

Tags: Color  ✍ Author: Alan Tudyk

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