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Ted Kennedy Quotes

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Our liberal, New York/Washington-based media would never in a million years put Liberal Godfather Ted Kennedy on the spot about his clan's bad behavior, to whose lurid history he himself has contributed so much.

Tags: Bad, History, Put  ✍ Author: Camille Paglia

There is nobody that's ever going to fill Ted Kennedy's shoes, and that's a tall order for somebody in the family to try to live up to.

Tags: Family, Shoes, Try  ✍ Author: Douglas Brinkley

I enjoyed working with Ted Kennedy.

Tags: Enjoyed, Kennedy, Working  ✍ Author: Sam Brownback

I used to think Cape Wind was a great idea. That was when Ted Kennedy was alive and railing about how he might spill his Chivas if he had to keep maneuvering the Mya around all those noisy seagull-murdering wind turbines. Anything Ted Kennedy was against, I was for.

Tags: Against, Great, Keep  ✍ Author: Howie Carr

Scott Brown may be the last Republican to win a statewide fight in Massachusetts for a very long time. He caught the machine flat-footed in January 2010 when he out-hustled Martha Coakley and stole the Senate seat Ted Kennedy held all those years. And since then, the Democrats haven't lost a single statewide fight.

Tags: Fight, Single, Time  ✍ Author: Howie Carr

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Ted Kennedy quote #2
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