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Tommy Mottola's Quotes

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Born: 1949-07-14
Profession: Businessman
Nation: American
Biography of Tommy Mottola

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Trust is a big word for me. Loyalty and trust, for me, are everything. It's the core of what I'm about and what the people around me hopefully are about. It's a certain thing that gives you a sense of security. It's the biggest factor in everything I do.

Tags: Big, Loyalty, Trust

Acting lessons teach you to really listen to what the other person is saying because in acting it's all about responding to the lines.

Tags: Acting, Listen, Saying

Any vehicle that conveys great songs and the ability to perform them, whether it's 'N Sync or the Backstreet Boys or One Direction, is all good.

Tags: Direction, Good, Great

Everything starts and ends with the song, and working with writers and really learning their process and craft was an invaluable experience.

Tags: Experience, Learning, Working

I had the chance to work with Michael Jackson who was as brilliant as they come.

Tags: Brilliant, Chance, Work

I've always viewed myself as a behind-the-scenes person rather than in front of the camera.

Tags: Camera, Front, Rather

It's really only all about music. It's not like a big rocket scientist kind of philosophy or anything.

Tags: Big, Music, Philosophy

I have little children, 5 1/2 and 1 1/2, and I thought I should document my life, because by the time they're in the mid-20s, they'll be able to say, 'This is what he did.'

Tags: Children, Life, Time

It's hard to predict and to say what goes on inside the minds of an artist, but that's what makes them an artist. That sense of creativity. That thing that makes them tick is probably the very thing that pushes them to the extremes that sometimes can cause, you know, fatalities and things that, you know, that end up not being good.

Tags: End, Good, Hard

There are no more heroes in America. Because of the Internet, heroism has become momentary and within seconds someone who we should be thinking about will be replaced in people's minds with news that Beyonce lip-synched at the inauguration.

Tags: America, Someone, Thinking

When I'm hiring someone I look for magic and a spark. Little things that intuitively give me a gut feeling that this person will go to the ends of the earth to accomplish the task at hand.

Tags: Feeling, Give, Someone

You need to know what makes artists tick. Having been through the process myself as a musician, since I was an early teen, gave me an advantage - understanding them from their point of view, because it's about them, it's not about you - it's their vision and what they're capable of achieving, and you're the conduit.

Tags: Makes, Teen, Vision

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