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Nana Mouskouri's Quotes

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Born: 1934-10-13
Profession: Musician
Nation: Greek
Biography of Nana Mouskouri

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The Berlin Wall go down, that was the most wonderful thing that could happen, absolutely. I celebrated with everybody in Berlin that day when the Wall was down.

Tags: Everybody, Happen, Wonderful

The secret is to cook the aubergines the day before and let them dry of all the oil they drank in cooking. When you cook aubergine, they eat a lot of oil. It can be very heavy.

Tags: Cooking, Eat, Secret

There were wonderful moments when I was singing for the first time in the Olympia Theatre and I was pregnant with my son, which was very, very strange for a singer.

Tags: Son, Strange, Time

I do believe that if you haven't learnt about sadness, you cannot appreciate happiness.

Tags: Happiness, Sad, Sadness

It's nice to look good, but the most important thing is to be you.

Tags: Good, Nice

I like to cook, but mostly Greek. When I am confused or tired, I think about what I can cook. It takes you away from everything, as you are thinking only of your dish.

Tags: Confused, Thinking, Tired

If I was sad or afraid, I would sit in a corner and sing. If I was happy I would jump into the middle of the room and sing. It was how I expressed my emotions.

Tags: Afraid, Happy, Sad

Every time I would open my mouth to sing, everybody was paying attention to me. It became a habit.

Tags: Attention, Everybody, Time

For my convalescence, I had to exercise my voice only with vowels. It is a medical rule after a long loss of voice.

Tags: After, Medical, Voice

How you looked was not important. It was what you did and how you did it. Decide to do it and then do it the best way you can.

Tags: Best, Decide, Looked

I grew up thinking that singing was my security.

Tags: Security, Singing, Thinking

I think sometimes you are born with a song.

Tags: Born, Sometimes, Song

I thought it was respectful to each country to sing in their language.

Tags: Country, Language, Thought

I was born a singer. I need to do that.

Tags: Born, Singer

My energy to sing, I get it from my singing. Singing was not a reason to make a living. This is the only thing I wanted to do.

Tags: Energy, Living, Reason

My friends gave me the first songs which was the first food in my soul for me.

Tags: Food, Friends, Soul

Once I was condemned to three months' absolute silence. As I could not speak, I wrote a book.

Tags: Book, Silence, Speak

The idea of the European community is never face a war again.

Tags: Again, Idea, War

UNICEF has made the most rewarding thing that I have ever done in my life.

Tags: Done, Life, Rewarding

When I heard his first songs, Dylan was answering certain questions that I had all my life been asking myself.

Tags: Life, Questions, Songs

When I started to work with UNICEF, it was a new way of giving some love and care to the world.

Tags: Care, Love, Work

When I was singing, everybody liked me.

Tags: Everybody, Liked, Singing

When I was very young I was the ugly duckling. I had a lot of complexes. My sister was wonderful and I was nothing.

Tags: Ugly, Wonderful, Young

When you want something very dearly, you make the time.

Tags: Dearly, Time

Wherever you turn, there is always something wrong with the politicians. They have everything they need to save the world, and they don't save it.

Tags: Save, Turn, Wrong

With my songs I tried to prove that there is love.

Tags: Love, Songs, Tried
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I left the table where there were important people and had lunch with my husband and a few friends. The reception was organised in my honour, so it was rather amusing.

Tags: Friends, Husband, Rather

One of the most wonderful memories in my life was when I sang at the Opera House in Sydney. I will never forget that. It is one of the most beautiful Houses I have ever sung in my life.

Tags: Beautiful, Forget, Life

Any solution for the Iraqi problem cannot be reached without Arabs and Arab participation.

Tags: Cannot, Problem, Solution