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Tooth Fairy Quotes

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What I'm not saying is that all government spending is bad. It's not - far, far from it, but there is no free lunch, as a former colleague of mine used to say. There is no public tooth fairy. Father Christmas does not work on the Treasury staff this year. You can never bail someone out of trouble without putting someone else into trouble.

Tags: Government, Work  ✍ Author: Arthur Laffer

As much as I'd like to meet the tooth fairy on an evening walk, I don't really believe it can happen.

Tags: Evening, Happen, Walk  ✍ Author: Chris Van Allsburg

As children, our imaginations are vibrant, and our hearts are open. We believe that the bad guy always loses and that the tooth fairy sneaks into our rooms at night to put money under our pillow. Everything amazes us, and we think anything is possible. We continuously experience life with a sense of newness and unbridled curiosity.

Tags: Experience, Life, Money  ✍ Author: Peter Berg

I don't really care what people tell children - when you believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, one more fib won't hurt. But I am infuriated by the growing notion, posited in some touchy-feely quarters, that all women are, or can be, beautiful.

Tags: Beautiful, Women  ✍ Author: Julie Burchill

Kids delight in 'magical thinking', whether in the form of the Tooth Fairy or the saints: whether you see these as comforting lies or eternal verities, they are part of how we help kids make sense of the world.

Tags: Help, Sense, Thinking  ✍ Author: Emma Donoghue

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Tooth Fairy quote #2
Tooth Fairy quote #2
Tooth Fairy quote #2
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