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Trish Stratus's Quotes

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Born: 1975-12-18
Profession: Entertainer
Nation: American
Biography of Trish Stratus

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Each championship is unique and special.

Tags: Special, Unique

And I wouldn't take on such a big thing if I didn't think I could nail it.

Tags: Big, Nail

And I'm so thankful that I've been allowed to show another side of Trish.

Tags: Another, Show, Thankful

And that's what I've learned too: writing is key.

Tags: Key, Learned, Writing

As far as wrestling goes, as long as my body is able to withstand the physical beating, I will keep wrestling.

Tags: Able, Far, Keep

I think I can finally say I am at my most confident and comfortable out there, physically.

Tags: Confident, Finally, Physically

I'm missing a knuckle, it's crushed inside my hand at the moment.

Tags: Hand, Missing, Moment

Oh, gosh, okay... well, my biggest injury was probably a bone chip in my ankle that required surgery.

Tags: Biggest, Oh, Okay

Royal Canadian Air Farce, and I was in three sketches there. And they wrote some really great stuff for me.

Tags: Great, Stuff, Three

There really isn't a day when I wake up and DON'T have to be someplace.

Tags: Someplace, Wake

We got great ratings and fan interest, and that's what management wanted.

Tags: Great, Interest, Wanted

And I have the support of the writers: I have a great relationship with the creative team, and they have a good hold of my character and my personality, and they come up with some great stuff, and I'm forever trying to change it up, keep it fresh.

Tags: Change, Good, Great

And in the future, you know, maybe there's kids in the future for me, I don't really know. The interesting thing with me is that there has never been a woman doing what I'm doing at this level for this long. So, it's like, would Vince give me maternity leave?

Tags: Future, Give, Woman

As far as luxury goes, about the only thing I do is... I go first class all the way. I live on the road, so when I'm out there, I'm getting the nice hotel suite, I'm getting the luxury car, I'm eating the good food, and I make sure I take care of myself on the road.

Tags: Car, Food, Good

But as much as I am personally proud for winning five championships, I'm equally proud just being part of a women's division that has gotten so much better with all these great athletes here.

Tags: Great, Winning, Women

I'm good friends with The Rock, and I talk to him all the time. And he says that, even though his movie career has taken off, he misses the instant gratification of wrestling, and the live crowds, and I could see being that way myself.

Tags: Good, Rock, Time

Now, at this point, I can wrestle, I can go out there and cut an entertaining promo, I can also do the backstage stuff... and if you can contribute more to the show, you have more staying power.

Tags: Point, Power, Show

Recently, I went up to Casino Rama to see Martin Short's show, just to see how he put it all together. And after the show, I went backstage and picked his brain to find out why he did certain things.

Tags: Brain, Together, Why

Well, actually, the Second City thing came about because I was taking a few improv classes there. I thought that the improv classes would help with my wrestling career, which it has.

Tags: Career, Help, Thought

Yeah, the record for most titles was previously held by the Fabulous Moolah, she won it four times. And a few weeks ago, I won the title for the sixth time, which has never been done before.

Tags: Done, She, Time