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Having a child, that's always been my biggest fear. I want a child and I fear a child.

Tags: Child, Fear  ✍ Author: Marilyn Monroe

Sweetheart, I'm the biggest ripped-off cartoonist in the history of the world, and that's all I'm going to say.

Tags: History, Sweetheart  ✍ Author: Ralph Bakshi

I'm a Buddhist, so one of my biggest beliefs is, 'Everything changes, don't take it personally.'

Tags: Beliefs, Changes  ✍ Author: Alan Ball

One of the biggest motivations for me with writing my books is to offer girls some escapism, especially girls who really need it, like I did.

Tags: Books, Writing  ✍ Author: Meg Cabot

To me, the biggest surprise is that Google still functions despite the explosion in the number of sites.

Tags: Number, Surprise  ✍ Author: Robert Cailliau

That's the biggest problem, is the tax code itself.

Tags: Problem, Tax  ✍ Author: Herman Cain

Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is 'elephant'.

Tags: Cheap, Words  ✍ Author: Charlie Chaplin

Yahoo to me, as the founder of a company, is one of the biggest opportunities you could have; it's one of those classic Internet companies.

Tags: Company, Internet  ✍ Author: Nick D\'Aloisio

The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved.

Tags: Age, Feeling  ✍ Author: Princess Diana

I don't really think in terms of obstacles. My biggest obstacle is always myself.

Tags: Obstacle, Obstacles  ✍ Author: Steve Earle

Plagiarism is always the biggest thing in Hollywood.

Tags: Hollywood, Plagiarism  ✍ Author: Clint Eastwood

Working out is my biggest hobby. It's my Zen hour. I just zone out.

Tags: Hour, Working  ✍ Author: Zac Efron

Investors should invest on what they know. The biggest mistake is to invest on what they don't know.

Tags: Investors, Mistake  ✍ Author: Mohamed El-Erian

Chinese emissions are a problem not just for its own people but also for the world. It has now overtaken the U.S. as the biggest carbon emitter; most of the coal that is burned anywhere on Earth is burned in China.

Tags: Earth, Problem  ✍ Author: James Fallows

President Obama's biggest weakness is weakness.

Tags: President, Weakness  ✍ Author: Niall Ferguson

The biggest communities in which young people now reside are online communities.

Tags: Online, Young  ✍ Author: Howard Gardner

The biggest mistake to me is complacency.

Tags: Mistake  ✍ Author: Armie Hammer

Getting the Oscar had the biggest impression on me.

Tags: Getting, Impression  ✍ Author: Herbie Hancock

Life constantly presents the greatest opportunity brilliantly disguised as the biggest disaster.

Tags: Greatest, Life  ✍ Author: David Icke

The biggest misconception people have about me is that I'm stupid.

Tags: Stupid  ✍ Author: Billy Idol

I'm the biggest Chekov fan - there's something that he does that not many other writers do.

Tags: Fan, Writers  ✍ Author: Michael Irvin

I believe our biggest issue is the same biggest issue that the whole world is facing, and that's habitat destruction.

Tags: Issue, Whole  ✍ Author: Steve Irwin

Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest.

Tags: Best, Goal  ✍ Author: Steve Jobs

My biggest failure is I have too many to talk about.

Tags: Failure, Talk  ✍ Author: Dean Kamen

I'm the biggest slob in the world. My apartment is a mess.

Tags: Apartment, Mess  ✍ Author: Monica Keena
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You just wait. I'm going to be the biggest Chinese Star in the world.

Tags: Star, Wait  ✍ Author: Bruce Lee

You have to be a bastard to make it, and that's a fact. And the Beatles are the biggest bastards on earth.

Tags: Earth, Fact  ✍ Author: John Lennon

You have to be your biggest believer.

Tags: Believer  ✍ Author: Marina and the Diamonds

The musical is the one area of the theater that can give you the biggest buzz of all.

Tags: Give, Theater  ✍ Author: Cameron Mackintosh

One of India's biggest advantages is our young demographic and that we have a youthful population that is indeed our future.

Tags: Future, Young  ✍ Author: Vijay Mallya

The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.

Tags: Human, Temptation  ✍ Author: Thomas Merton

The person who's had the biggest impact on my career is Rick Celebrini, the physiotherapist.

Tags: Career, Impact  ✍ Author: Steve Nash

My biggest successes were mainly in the pop market during the 80s.

Tags: Market, Pop  ✍ Author: Juice Newton

The U.S. is by far the biggest exporter of arms in the world. It was true during the Clinton administration, and it's true during the Bush administration. It's bipartisan.

Tags: Far, True  ✍ Author: Stavros Niarchos

Well, the biggest rival I had in my career was me.

Tags: Career, Rival  ✍ Author: Jack Nicklaus

The most important thing, the biggest love of my life, is my snooker. I've never been so emotionally ingrained in something - in a person, an object, anything - as I have in snooker.

Tags: Life, Love  ✍ Author: Ronnie O\'Sullivan

We proved that we are still a people capable of doing big things and tackling our biggest challenges.

Tags: Big, Challenges  ✍ Author: Barack Obama

The biggest cliche in photography is sunrise and sunset.

Tags: Sunrise, Sunset  ✍ Author: Louis Oosthuizen

My biggest hobby is hanging out with my family and kids.

Tags: Family, Kids  ✍ Author: Joel Osteen

I think Facebook's biggest problem is the glut of information that Facebook's power users are overwhelmed with.

Tags: Power, Problem  ✍ Author: Sarah Jessica Parker

Joan was one of my biggest fans, as was Chrissie Hynde.

Tags: Fans, Joan  ✍ Author: Suzi Quatro

For an athlete, the biggest pressure comes from within. You know what you want to do and what you're capable of.

Tags: Pressure, Within  ✍ Author: Paula Radcliffe

Two of my biggest heroes were my father and John Wayne.

Tags: Father, Heroes  ✍ Author: Johnny Ramone

Movies are the biggest export in the world, the biggest American export. It influences people all over the world.

Tags: American, Movies  ✍ Author: Brett Ratner

The Heisman is the biggest award I've ever won.

Tags: Award, Won  ✍ Author: Barry Sanders

Harout Pamboukjian is one of the biggest Armenian folk singers in the world. In the '70s, he was making these records that were really Zeppelin-influenced.

Tags: Making, Records  ✍ Author: Serj Tankian

Girls were always my biggest distraction in school.

Tags: School  ✍ Author: Art Tatum

My biggest weakness is my sensitivity. I am too sensitive a person.

Tags: Sensitive, Weakness  ✍ Author: Mike Tyson

I'm the biggest fighter in the history of the sport. If you don't believe it, check the cash register.

Tags: Fighter, History  ✍ Author: Mike Tyson

One of my biggest musical influences is definitely Ella Fitzgerald as a vocalist.

Tags: Definitely, Musical  ✍ Author: Elle Varner

One of my biggest flaws is I don't take advice.

Tags: Advice, Flaws  ✍ Author: Gary Vaynerchuk

Loyalty is my biggest thing.

Tags: Loyalty  ✍ Author: Tony Yayo

The tallest building in the world is now in Dubai, the biggest factory in the world is in China, the largest oil refinery is in India, the largest investment fund in the world is in Abu Dhabi, the largest Ferris wheel in the world is in Singapore.

Tags: Building, Investment  ✍ Author: Fareed Zakaria

A home is still the biggest asset that most Americans own.

Tags: Asset, Home  ✍ Author: Robin Zander

There's probably about 150 charters in the world. We're the biggest international club there is.

Tags: Club  ✍ Author: Chuck Zito

But my biggest passion is football.

Tags: Football, Passion  ✍ Author: Greg Akcelrod

I am definitely a spiritually centered person and that is usually one of my biggest guiding lights beyond music.

Tags: Beyond, Music  ✍ Author: Nadia Ali

The biggest challenge was that we had to shoot so quickly and with such a limited budget.

Tags: Budget, Challenge  ✍ Author: Debbie Allen

We're the biggest food and agriculture company in the world.

Tags: Company, Food  ✍ Author: Dwayne Andreas

We are single-mindedly focused on partnering with the best innovators pursuing the biggest markets.

Tags: Best, Focused  ✍ Author: Marc Andreessen

Any decision I make is the biggest decision of my life.

Tags: Decision, Life  ✍ Author: Carmelo Anthony

Louis Vuitton, the world's biggest luxury brand in terms of sales, is planning to dampen its expansion worldwide and focus on high-end products to preserve its exclusive image.

Tags: Focus, Image  ✍ Author: Bernard Arnault

The Thriller album is still the biggest album of all time. That is still returning huge royalty cheques.

Tags: Album, Time  ✍ Author: Martin Bashir

Thus in Christianity the alienation had become total, and it was this total alienation that was the biggest obstacle to the progress of self-consciousness.

Tags: Become, Progress  ✍ Author: Bruno Bauer

The biggest obstacle to professional writing is the necessity for changing a typewriter ribbon.

Tags: Changing, Writing  ✍ Author: Robert Benchley

The fans are the biggest reason we do what we do.

Tags: Fans, Reason  ✍ Author: Chester Bennington

I like Doritos. I'm usually watching 'The Biggest Loser' eating Doritos.

Tags: Loser, Watching  ✍ Author: Halle Berry

Germany would be the biggest loser in a euro breakup.

Tags: Germany, Loser  ✍ Author: Peter Bofinger

But anybody who steps into the lane beside you is the biggest competition because they made it to the finals.

Tags: Anybody, Steps  ✍ Author: Usain Bolt

The need to be right all the time is the biggest bar to new ideas.

Tags: Ideas, Time  ✍ Author: Edward de Bono

Now I have to have the biggest P.O. box in the entire post office to get all the manuscripts coming in.

Tags: Coming, Office  ✍ Author: Susie Bright

The inability to delegate is one of the biggest problems I see with managers at all levels.

Tags: Managers, Problems  ✍ Author: Eli Broad

Inaction may be the biggest form of action.

Tags: Action, May  ✍ Author: Jerry Brown

AIDS is the biggest challenge, the major disaster facing this country and we would have wished for something more specific and far-reaching.

Tags: Challenge, Country  ✍ Author: Mangosuthu Buthelezi

My songwriting is so influenced by orchestrated music, dramatic, super glam rock-y stuff. Two of my biggest influences in songwriting were Elton John and Freddie Mercury.

Tags: Music, Stuff  ✍ Author: Brandi Carlile

My background is that of a competitive athlete and a fighter, and I'm bringing something totally different to 'The Biggest Loser' that wasn't there before.

Tags: Fighter, Loser  ✍ Author: Rosalia de Castro

I hereby accuse the North American empire of being the biggest menace to our planet.

Tags: American, Planet  ✍ Author: Dennis Chavez

I think my biggest flaw is my insecurity. I'm terribly insecure. I'm plagued with insecurities 24/7.

Tags: Insecure, Insecurity  ✍ Author: Madonna Ciccone

The biggest critics of my books are people who never read them.

Tags: Books, Read  ✍ Author: Jackie Collins

The biggest obstacle was mixing abortion with overpopulation. These are two things that have nothing to do with each other.

Tags: Abortion, Obstacle  ✍ Author: Jacques Yves Cousteau

If you're going to be a bum, be the biggest. If you're going to blow it, blow it big.

Tags: Big, Blow  ✍ Author: Broderick Crawford

My biggest problem is retaining the exact information.

Tags: Problem, Retaining  ✍ Author: David Cross

Well, the way things are going, aside from wheat and auto parts, America's biggest export is now the Oscar.

Tags: America, Aside  ✍ Author: Billy Crystal

I think one of the biggest curses in the U.S. is that we have only two political parties.

Tags: Parties, Political  ✍ Author: Mark Cuban

I have the biggest hair in the world - and that's official!

Tags: Hair, Official  ✍ Author: Cat Deeley

The biggest surprise about our marriage is that Erin was out there.

Tags: Marriage, Surprise  ✍ Author: James Denton

My biggest complaint with tights is that they do not accommodate skinny-ankled people like myself.

Tags: Complaint, Tights  ✍ Author: Zooey Deschanel

Some records are going to be bigger than others. You're always going to be compared to your biggest record.

Tags: Bigger, Others  ✍ Author: Howie Dorough

We go by the lighthouse; paddle out. After we got out, we paddled way down to get the biggest peak.

Tags: After, Lighthouse  ✍ Author: Roma Downey

I think for anyone - male or female - in improv, the biggest thing to get over is the fear. I think every improviser has that.

Tags: Anyone, Fear  ✍ Author: Rachel Dratch

I was fortunate in the last century to be in the two biggest hits film-wise, 'Godfather I' and 'Godfather II,' and 'Lonesome Dove.'

Tags: Century, Last  ✍ Author: Robert Duvall

I wouldn't treat a romantic scene any differently than any other scene. I would really say the biggest preparation was chewing gum and breath mints! For a kissing scene, it's all about the breath mints!

Tags: Romantic, Treat  ✍ Author: Alice Englert

We used to say that he who threw the biggest tantrum won the day.

Tags: Used, Won  ✍ Author: Neil Finn

I don't like cruises. Period. My biggest nightmare is being stuck on a boat.

Tags: Boat, Period  ✍ Author: Joe Flanigan

The biggest issue about the height factor is the bias that the NFL has about it.

Tags: Bias, Issue  ✍ Author: Doug Flutie

I learned from my Adventist upbringing that the biggest sins were sexual.

Tags: Learned, Sexual  ✍ Author: Luke Ford

My biggest 'don't' from the past? Picking my face!

Tags: Face, Past  ✍ Author: Bethenny Frankel

The World Bank is now the biggest culprit in the debt crisis.

Tags: Crisis, Debt  ✍ Author: Susan George

The biggest thing as I have gotten older is the calmness that's come over me.

Tags: Calmness, Older  ✍ Author: Jason Giambi

In 1950, the biggest amp you could get was no bigger than a tabletop radio.

Tags: Bigger, Radio  ✍ Author: Billy Gibbons
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