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Yohan Blake's Quotes

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Born: 1989-12-26
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Jamaican
Biography of Yohan Blake

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I've always been working just to be a world champion and it's a dream come true.

Tags: Dream, True, Working

Cricket is my first love.

Tags: Cricket, Love

For me, I always try to make it to the final.

Tags: Final, Try

I don't need to scare the other athletes. When I'm running, I will scare them.

Tags: Athletes, Running, Scare

I love London, I love the British people.

Tags: British, London, Love

I wasn't born with a golden spoon in my mouth. It was a really tough life.

Tags: Born, Life, Tough

I work twice as hard as everybody else.

Tags: Else, Hard, Work

I would like to be a legend, everyone wants to be a legend.

Tags: Everyone, Legend, Wants

I'm like a beast. I just take it out on the track.

Tags: Beast, Track

If you can come to the Olympic Games and leave with a medal then that is alright.

Tags: Alright, Games, Leave

It's nerve wracking being in the stadium with so many people supporting.

Tags: Nerve, Stadium, Supporting

My philosophy is to be me.

Tags: Philosophy

One thing I really hate is experience. Experience for me doesn't work. Everybody's talking about experience this, experience that.

Tags: Experience, Hate, Work

Some you win some you lose.

Tags: Lose, Win
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The 100m taught me a lot and it's given me confidence.

Tags: Confidence, Taught

The track is fast and I appreciate anything is possible.

Tags: Appreciate, Fast, Possible

When my coach gives me a program, I damage it.

Tags: Coach, Damage, Program

When you guys are sleeping at night, I am out there working.

Tags: Night, Sleeping, Working

Mother is the first word that occurs to politicians and columnists and popes when they raise the question, 'Why isn't life turning out the way we want it?'

Tags: Life, Mother, Why

Divorce is the psychological equivalent of a triple coronary bypass.

Tags: Divorce, Equivalent, Triple

A mother is neither cocky, nor proud, because she knows the school principal may call at any minute to report that her child had just driven a motorcycle through the gymnasium.

Tags: May, Mother, School

It's an old trick now, God knows, but it works every time. At the very moment women start to expand their place in the world, scientific studies deliver compelling reasons for them to stay home.

Tags: God, Time, Women

Our humor turns our anger into a fine art.

Tags: Anger, Art, Humor

The absolute dependence of a newborn infant inspired many things in me, but it did not activate any magical knowledge about what to do for the next twenty years.

Tags: Inspired, Knowledge, Next
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