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Christianity teaches that this life is not the only life, and there is a final judgment in which all earthly accounts are settled.

Tags: Judgment, Life  ✍ Author: Dinesh D\'Souza

In the final choice a soldier's pack is not so heavy as a prisoner's chains.

Tags: Choice, Soldier  ✍ Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.

Tags: Defeat, Single  ✍ Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

We are not final because we are infallible, but we are infallible only because we are final.

Tags: Infallible  ✍ Author: Robert Jackson

Ronald Reagan's well documented final battles with Alzheimer's disease were fought with the same conviction and courage that his many public battles were fought.

Tags: Courage, Public  ✍ Author: William L. Jenkins

Part of me believes that the completed record is the final measure of a pop musician's accomplishment, just as the completed film is the final measure of a film artist's accomplishments.

Tags: Artist, Film  ✍ Author: Jon Landau

Of course you're nervous going into a final.

Tags: Nervous  ✍ Author: Li Na

I pitched a storyline, and as far as I know it's been picked up. It's for the third and final episode I'm contracted to do. But I can't give any spoilers.

Tags: Far, Give  ✍ Author: Corin Nemec

Forgiveness is the final form of love.

Tags: Forgiveness, Love  ✍ Author: Reinhold Niebuhr

The final story, the final chapter of western man, I believe, lies in Los Angeles.

Tags: Lies, Story  ✍ Author: Phil Ochs

I need to show the world that my final goal is to perform huge concerts like Madonna.

Tags: Goal, Show  ✍ Author: PSY

Names and individuals are unimportant when Germany's final fate is at stake.

Tags: Fate, Names  ✍ Author: Franz von Papen

Success is never final, but failure can be.

Tags: Failure, Success  ✍ Author: Bill Parcells

At Euro '92 itself, we bowed out to the eventual winners, Denmark, in our final group match.

Tags: Group, Winners  ✍ Author: Michel Patini

The best reduction, the most final reduction, is to destroy the warheads.

Tags: Best, Destroy  ✍ Author: Jack Reed

I work closely with the printer to get the final print the way I want it.

Tags: Print, Work  ✍ Author: Buffy Sainte-Marie

When you are in control of what the final product is, there is kind of no limitation to what you feel like you can do because you know that if you don't like it, you can just cut it out.

Tags: Control, Cut  ✍ Author: Rachael Taylor

There is no more final end than death.

Tags: Death, End  ✍ Author: John Thaw

When we get the final hardware, the performance is just going to skyrocket.

Tags: Hardware, Skyrocket  ✍ Author: Gary Allan

To make a film, the final big collaborator that you have is the composer.

Tags: Big, Film  ✍ Author: Paul Thomas Anderson

To cry on court during a Wimbledon final, you must feel so lonely.

Tags: Cry, Lonely  ✍ Author: Marion Bartoli

In the final analysis, terror is also another proof of the fact that the superpower is not really a superpower. It was vulnerable.

Tags: Another, Fact  ✍ Author: Ulrich Beck
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I also believe that the Supreme Court should be the final arbiter of all federal questions.

Tags: Court, Questions  ✍ Author: Judy Biggert

For me, I always try to make it to the final.

Tags: Try  ✍ Author: Yohan Blake

A failure will not appear until a unit has passed final inspection.

Tags: Failure, Until  ✍ Author: Hans Blix

I consider it essential that the photographer should do his own printing and enlarging. The final effect of the finished print depends so much on these operations.

Tags: Consider, Effect  ✍ Author: Bill Brandt

I can only wait for the final amnesia, the one that can erase an entire life.

Tags: Life, Wait  ✍ Author: Luis Bunuel

The final causes, then, of compassion are to prevent and to relieve misery.

Tags: Compassion, Misery  ✍ Author: Joseph Butler

The final release point for the fastball is the tips of your fingers.

Tags: Fingers, Point  ✍ Author: Steve Carlton

A novel is like a sausage. You might like the final taste but you don't want to see how it was made.

Tags: Might, Novel  ✍ Author: Harlan Coben

The really amazing part, to me, was when Florida made it into the Final Four, the Democrats didn't demand a recount.

Tags: Amazing, Four  ✍ Author: Ann Coulter

It wasn't long before people discovered the final horrors of letting an urchin into Parliament.

Tags: Letting, Parliament  ✍ Author: Bernadette Devlin

I think it's good for sporting justice that Ronaldo scored twice in the final.

Tags: Good, Justice  ✍ Author: Just Fontaine

Dignity: the doomed man's final refuge.

Tags: Dignity, Refuge  ✍ Author: Max Frisch

When he hung up on Nancy Reagan, that's when he crossed his final threshold.

Tags: Crossed, Threshold  ✍ Author: David Gergen

If you come to a negotiation table saying you have the final truth, that you know nothing but the truth and that is final, you will get nothing.

Tags: Saying, Truth  ✍ Author: Harri Holkeri

Death is the final wake-up call.

Tags: Call, Death  ✍ Author: Douglas Horton

All formal dogmatic religions are fallacious and must never be accepted by self-respecting persons as final.

Tags: Accepted, Religions  ✍ Author: J. Allen Hynek

I make appearance at local park and recreation agencies when the program starts, when they have the qualifying meets at the local levels. Then I try to go to the regional competitions, and of course I'm there in Hershey, Pa., in August for the North American final.

Tags: American, Try  ✍ Author: Rafer Johnson

We are still confident as a team that we will make it through to the final Cup qualifying round.

Tags: Confident, Team  ✍ Author: Cobi Jones

Give me a lead of 14-0 at halftime and I will dictate the final score.

Tags: Give, Lead  ✍ Author: Frank Leahy

Common participation in the Eucharist can only be a final outcome of ecumenic dialogue, not the starting point.

Tags: Common, Point  ✍ Author: Karl Lehmann

The series of photographic operations, developing, washing, final drying, takes about quarter of an hour.

Tags: Hour, Takes  ✍ Author: Laura Lippman

Death, the final, triumphant lover.

Tags: Death, Lover  ✍ Author: Bela Lugosi

I visited the Gymnasium in The Hague and passed my final examination (in the sciences section) in 1943.

Tags: Passed, Section  ✍ Author: Simon van der Meer

Is that your final answer?

Tags: Answer  ✍ Author: Regis Philbin

History passes the final judgment.

Tags: History, Judgment  ✍ Author: Sidney Poitier

When you have a performer as talented as Bill Murray or as Harold, that can write as well as they can perform, you can do a final draft on the set if you think of it that way.

Tags: Talented, Write  ✍ Author: Ivan Reitman

Because I am kind of distracted, I don't tend to sit at my desk 9 to 5. It can be two hours a day, or, when I'm in the final editing stages, it can be 14 hours a day.

Tags: Hours, Sit  ✍ Author: Rick Riordan

The final conflict will be between the Communists and the ex-Communists.

Tags: Between, Conflict  ✍ Author: Ignazio Silone

In the final analysis, you get what you pay for.

Tags: Analysis, Pay  ✍ Author: James Sinegal

I was very disappointed that so much of the work I did on The Haunted Mansion didn't arrive in the final cut.

Tags: Cut, Work  ✍ Author: Terence Stamp

Yes, the marriage proposal was shot. Michael excluded the dialogue from the final edit.

Tags: Marriage, Yes  ✍ Author: Madeleine Stowe

Live so that when the final summons comes you will leave something more behind you than an epitaph on a tombstone or an obituary in a newspaper.

Tags: Behind, Leave  ✍ Author: Billy Sunday

Today, we are announcing that agencies are releasing their final regulatory reform plans, including hundreds of initiatives that will reduce costs, simplify the system, and eliminate redundancy and inconsistency.

Tags: System, Today  ✍ Author: Cass Sunstein

I have ten commandments. The first nine are, thou shalt not bore. The tenth is, thou shalt have right of final cut.

Tags: Cut, Ten  ✍ Author: Billy Wilder

I want to be more than just some guy who played in a World Cup final.

Tags: Guy, Played  ✍ Author: Jonny Wilkinson
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