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Afghanistan Quotes

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Failure in Afghanistan would have profound consequences for our national security. It would undermine the NATO alliance structure that has been the bedrock of Britain's defence for the last 60 years... I will not allow this to happen on my watch.

Tags: Failure, Happen, Last  ✍ Author: Bob Ainsworth

We in the West walked away from Afghanistan at the end of the Cold War and left it as a country devastated socially and armed to the teeth. If we do that again, there will be consequences.

Tags: Country, End, War  ✍ Author: Bob Ainsworth

You could get a cheer by saying: 'Let's withdraw from Afghanistan', but I don't think that's where the public's at. It wouldn't be responsible.

Tags: Cheer, Public, Saying  ✍ Author: Ed Balls

That's driven by any number of factors, the most prominent of which have been the combat experience of two major campaigns - one in Afghanistan and the other in Iraq - and the ongoing demands of the global war on terrorism.

Tags: Experience, Number, War  ✍ Author: Christian Camargo

I think we need to just be very clear about what we're trying to do in Afghanistan. Frankly, we're not trying to create the perfect democracy. We're never going to create some ideal society. We are simply there for our own national security.

Tags: Democracy, Society, Trying  ✍ Author: David Cameron

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