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Afghans Quotes

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It is not surprising that most Pakistanis do not support America's bombardment of Afghanistan. The Afghans are neighbours on the brink of starvation and devastated by war. America has shown itself to be untrustworthy, a superpower that uses its values as a scabbard for its sword.

Tags: America, Support, War  ✍ Author: Philip Gilbert Hamerton

We're pursuing a strategic partnership with Afghanistan on the case of the United States and Afghanistan where we're going to push toward a future. It is the future that the Afghans desire with the United States. It is a future that the Afghans desire with the international community and we desire that as well.

Tags: Community, Desire, Future  ✍ Author: John R. Allen

Look at the Afghans, during the time of the Soviet invasion. They were among the poorest Muslims in the world, yet they were sustained by their faith in God, and God alone.

Tags: Faith, God, Time  ✍ Author: Abu Bakar Bashir

The Afghans did not have sophisticated weapons like the Soviets did, but with their faith they defeated a superpower.

Tags: Defeated, Faith, Weapons  ✍ Author: Abu Bakar Bashir

There is a firm, clear commitment to provide resources and ideas to enable us to organize the Afghans towards starting the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Tags: Commitment, Ideas, Process  ✍ Author: Lakhdar Brahimi

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