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Alvaro Uribe's Quotes

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Born: 1952-07-04
Profession: Statesman
Nation: Colombian
Biography of Alvaro Uribe

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No one can feel as the owner of the country and no one can feel excluded from the right of property. We must all suffer Colombia.

Tags: Country, Property, Suffer

For security you need more soldiers, you need more policemen, you need more vehicles, you need more planes, you need more guns, you need more communications.

Tags: Guns, Security, Soldiers

I just want to serve Colombia.

Tags: Colombia, Serve

I will protect all Colombians regardless of whether the attacks come from guerrillas or paramilitaries.

Tags: Protect, Regardless, Whether

In the name of justice there cannot be subjection and in the name of peace there cannot be impunity.

Tags: Cannot, Justice, Peace

The basic dream of many Colombians is to have a secure nation, without exclusions, with equity, and without hatred.

Tags: Dream, Hatred, Nation

When I get the morning report on security, I call those battalions in the regions where there are problems.

Tags: Morning, Problems, Security

When you review the Central American wars or other Latin American wars, you find that there were dictators and there were insurgents.

Tags: American, Dictators, Wars
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