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Alexander Payne's Profile

Brief about Alexander Payne: By info that we know Alexander Payne was born at 1961-02-10. And also Alexander Payne is American Director.

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If you're trying to recreate life, the life that you best know is the one you grew up with.

Tags: Best, Life, Trying

In a sense, 'Schmidt' is the most Omaha of my films. But have I gotten it right? I'm not sure. Did Fellini get Rome right? Did Ozu get Tokyo right?

Tags: Films, Sense, Sure

In the moment of making films, I want to share my observations of life, not of other films.

Tags: Life, Making, Moment

Jesuits encourage an intellectual rigor in a way that I like.

Tags: Encourage, Jesuits, Rigor

Joe E. Lewis said, 'Money doesn't buy happiness but it calms the nerves.' And that is how I feel about a film being well-received.

Tags: Happiness, Money, Said

Life mixes tones all the time.

Tags: Life, Time, Tones

My flag is always flying. My shingle is always out. I'm always looking for movie ideas.

Tags: Ideas, Looking, Movie

Omaha, like Rome, is built on seven hills.

Tags: Hills, Rome, Seven

The actors are the greatest executors of tone in a film. They're the most important cinematic component.

Tags: Film, Greatest, Tone

The best actors are always the ones who've directed as well, as they understand all the problems you face.

Tags: Best, Problems, Understand

The best cinema is about ethics.

Tags: Best, Cinema, Ethics

The hardest part of this whole movie-making endeavor is finding ideas.

Tags: Finding, Ideas, Whole

The kindest thing a director can do is look with open eyes at everything.

Tags: Director, Eyes, Open

The most heinous shift in American films is that they reinforce good things like 'couples' and 'relationships.'

Tags: American, Films, Good

There is an audience out there for literate films - slower, more observant, more human films, and they deserve to be made.

Tags: Audience, Deserve, Human

When I'm shooting, I don't care who the star is. I have an actor playing a part, and I'm serving the script, not serving anyone's career.

Tags: Care, Career, Playing

When you watch a movie, you don't want to feel like a machine made it. You want to feel a soul.

Tags: Movie, Soul, Watch

You begin a film more with questions than with direct intentions. It's more of an exploration and discovery.

Tags: Film, Intentions, Questions

You just never know when you're living in a golden age.

Tags: Age, Golden, Living

You look at how many years you have left, and you start to think: 'How many more films do I have in me?'

Tags: Films, Left, Start
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