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Friends are really important, especially when you've had the successes that I've had. I've gone really far in my career, so they're the ones that keep you humble, keep your feet on the ground.

Tags: Friends, Humble  ✍ Author: Ferran Adria

Obviously, I'm at the beginning of my career, contrary to what anyone else thinks. I'm 19 years old. In any other country, everywhere else, you're a prospect. And that's what I am right now in Europe. I'm a prospect. I'm not a seasoned veteran.

Tags: Country, Old  ✍ Author: Freddy Adu

I need to be in a stable environment right now in my career. What I mean by that is a place where I can play and not have too much pressure on me and a place I can develop. Monaco wanted me and did whatever they could to get me so I feel very very good about that.

Tags: Good, Mean  ✍ Author: Freddy Adu

My musical career was an accident.

Tags: Accident, Musical  ✍ Author: Sade Adu

As an actor, you can steer a scene in another direction by playing it a little differently. And honestly? I like being an actor, and I want to keep having a career.

Tags: Another, Keep  ✍ Author: Ben Affleck

I think one of the greatest joys I have now in my career and in my profession is to be playing at an age where I can appreciate it more than I used to... It's a whole different lens you look through the older you get.

Tags: Age, Greatest  ✍ Author: Andre Agassi

I think that what 'Oz' did is it spawned a great generation of television production. But people know its place in television and just in great dramas. It's the foundation of my career. Most producers, show runners, directors, and casting directors put me in movies based on my performance in that show.

Tags: Great, Movies  ✍ Author: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

The long, cold Minnesota winters instilled in me a fascination for exotic far off places; I aspired toward a career in tropical diseases and world health problems.

Tags: Health, Problems  ✍ Author: Peter Agre

Going from sharing a one-bedroom place to living in a loft to two people living in a house to me having my own place by myself has kind of mirrored my career... small steps to bigger, to bigger, to now having a steady job.

Tags: Job, Small  ✍ Author: Dianna Agron

I was never into the boy crazy thing because I was very focused on my career.

Tags: Boy, Crazy  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

Right now I'm pretty single... My career is my boyfriend.

Tags: Dating, Single  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

At the age of 15, a teacher had asked me what I wanted to do for a career, and without knowing why or even how I replied that I wanted to be a poet.

Tags: Age, Teacher  ✍ Author: Ama Ata Aidoo

If my career detour from special education to singing has done one thing, it has afforded me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Tags: Done, Education  ✍ Author: Clay Aiken

A career is born in public - talent in privacy.

Tags: Public, Talent  ✍ Author: Marilyn Monroe

A career is wonderful, but you can't curl up with it on a cold night.

Tags: Night, Wonderful  ✍ Author: Marilyn Monroe

I put my career in second place throughout both my marriages and it suffered. I don't regret it. You make choices. If you want a good marriage, you must pay attention to that. If you want to be independent, go ahead. You can't have it all.

Tags: Good, Marriage  ✍ Author: Lauren Bacall

I have never really been confident about my career at any stage.

Tags: Confident, Stage  ✍ Author: Amitabh Bachchan

I'm not sure where my career is going here in Cincinnati.

Tags: Here, Sure  ✍ Author: Dusty Baker

I have never taken more than two weeks to record an album throughout my career.

Tags: Album, Taken  ✍ Author: Ginger Baker

Let's face facts, this is visual medium, there's a very high premium put on people who are good-looking. But the minute you rely on that you get yourself in trouble. You certainly don't make a career out of that anymore as an actor.

Tags: Put, Yourself  ✍ Author: Alec Baldwin

I'm very focused on the world and my career and my Porsche turbo and making money and Stevie B. Inc. I'm just living according to the standards of the world.

Tags: Living, Money  ✍ Author: Stephen Baldwin

Acting is my career and activism is my passionate hobby. But acting is my livelihood.

Tags: Acting, Passionate  ✍ Author: William Baldwin

Planning a career, I always find that such a tricky thing, because I don't have much of a plan, really.

Tags: Plan, Planning  ✍ Author: Christian Bale

I started my career without fans.

Tags: Fans, Started  ✍ Author: Christian Bale

I certainly feel fortunate in my career to have been able to continue to work in different mediums. I don't ever want to be the guy who gets really good at one thing and just does that over and over and over again.

Tags: Good, Work  ✍ Author: Alan Ball
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I'm used to American actors who have a movie career thinking television acting is beneath them.

Tags: Acting, Thinking  ✍ Author: Alan Ball

Medicine was certainly intended to be a career. I wanted to become a psychiatrist, an adolescent ambition which, of course, is fulfilled by many psychiatrists.

Tags: Become, Wanted  ✍ Author: J. G. Ballard

Stand-up came out of three things. Frustration, necessity and arrogance. I didn't have a great career ahead of me in anything. Someone literally said to me, 'You should try stand-up,' and took me to a venue.

Tags: Great, Someone  ✍ Author: Eric Bana

I've never worried about what audiences would accept or had a game plan regarding the career. I never had an idea of how I should look to my fans or anybody else.

Tags: Else, Game  ✍ Author: Antonio Banderas

Listen, I think movies serve many different purposes, from those movies that are frivolous and just an entertainment, to movies that just go to exploring the complexities of the human soul. Everything is valid if it's done with honesty and dignity, and I actually do both of those types of movies in my career.

Tags: Human, Movies  ✍ Author: Antonio Banderas

This may sound a little harsh, but I don't care about my career. Really, I don't like actors who are always planning what they're going to do next or always worrying about doing something that will go against the image they've created. To me, that's almost like an attack of narcissism.

Tags: Care, May  ✍ Author: Antonio Banderas

I was backstage in Paris and saw Cindy Crawford doing House Of Style. I thought, I would love to to be in control of my career.

Tags: Control, Love  ✍ Author: Tyra Banks

You can't model for the rest of your life, so it is important to diversify your career.

Tags: Life, Rest  ✍ Author: Tyra Banks

People always ask me if I'm going to stop modeling because I have started an acting career. I hope to continue to model for years to come.

Tags: Acting, Hope  ✍ Author: Tyra Banks

The answer to all writing, to any career for that matter, is love.

Tags: Love, Writing  ✍ Author: Ray Bradbury

I won't mention names, but in my career, the most talented people invariably are the easiest and nicest to get along with.

Tags: Along, Won  ✍ Author: James Caan

A lot of the physical flirtation with fear I did early on in my career, when I was a much younger person - stuff I wouldn't do now. But I was very interested in the mechanics of risk and fear in those days. And I found out fear pretty much always feels the same, whether it's doing a rock climb or speaking in front of an audience.

Tags: Fear, Rock  ✍ Author: James Cagney

I started at Pillsbury as a manager in one of their analysis functions, then worked my way up the corporate ladder to become vice president. Moving to Burger King was an important moment in my career.

Tags: Moment, Moving  ✍ Author: Herman Cain

Oh, what a shock. My career must be slipping. This is the first time I've been available to pick up an award.

Tags: Oh, Time  ✍ Author: Michael Caine

I am not unhappy that my contribution was not recognized. I am sure it helped my career.

Tags: Sure, Unhappy  ✍ Author: James Cameron

My recording career has luckily run the gamut of recording environments.

Tags: Recording, Run  ✍ Author: Matt Cameron

I seem to have been able to make a career out of doing what I feel like doing, so why not keep doing it? What's corrupting is wanting to be more important. You want to be more arty - you get your identity from that. Or you get your identity out of making more money.

Tags: Money, Why  ✍ Author: Jane Campion

My career did start in the Spanish language industry, and that's probably because my father is my manager. He pushed my career in the direction he knew best.

Tags: Best, Father  ✍ Author: Jencarlos Canela

Many of our nation's great leaders began their careers at a service academy. I encourage anyone interested in a rewarding college experience or military career to apply as soon as possible.

Tags: Experience, Great  ✍ Author: Chris Cannon

These individuals on steroids, does it enhance their career, does it give them a little more strength, a little more stamina, a little more psychological edge? Absolutely. How do you determine what - what their stats would be without steroids? It's impossible to tell.

Tags: Give, Strength  ✍ Author: Jose Canseco

Sometimes you surprise the goalkeeper and sometimes the goalkeeper surprises you. In my career, I tried to do more of the first than the second.

Tags: Second, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Eric Cantona

I always planned to retire when I was at the top and at Manchester United I have reached the pinnacle of my career.

Tags: Top, United  ✍ Author: Eric Cantona

Fighting is my career, it's what I love to do, but I am taking offers and trying to expand because the more I expand myself, the more valuable I become to promoters.

Tags: Love, Trying  ✍ Author: Gina Carano

I fell into playwriting accidentally, took some classes in it, and also took creative writing classes, but I really didn't expect it to be a career because I didn't believe there was a way to make money as a playwright without being lucky and I didn't feel particularly lucky.

Tags: Money, Writing  ✍ Author: Orson Scott Card

I have sort of the career where, if you are a fan, you've been following me for a while, and you really like something that I've done, so meeting those people is always a really gracious experience.

Tags: Done, Experience  ✍ Author: Linda Cardellini

For me, at least, all of my career goals, all of my focus, everything just shifted and the importance was my children, and that's where all the joy came from as well.

Tags: Children, Focus  ✍ Author: Steve Carell

And, so I set my goals on astronaut because, as a military aviator, it was, I considered that to be about the peak of a flying career.

Tags: Goals, Military  ✍ Author: Duane G. Carey

I consider myself to be very fortunate in my career, my timing has worked out.

Tags: Consider, Worked  ✍ Author: Duane G. Carey

I could do exploration in this particular career field, and it was a goal that, even if I didn't reach it, it was so high it seemed almost impossible, but even if I didn't reach it, I would still have a good time and a very satisfying career.

Tags: Good, Time  ✍ Author: Duane G. Carey

I hope to be around past the 90's. I don't want to just be categorized as one of this era. My goal is to have a career that stands.

Tags: Hope, Past  ✍ Author: Joyce Carey

It was such a leap in my career when 'Truman Show' came along. It's always been a long process for me insofar as recognition goes, but that's OK because you appreciate it when it comes.

Tags: Process, Show  ✍ Author: Jim Carrey

I absolutely want to have a career where you make'em laugh and make'em cry. It's all theater.

Tags: Cry, Laugh  ✍ Author: Jim Carrey

I've arrived at the place if I'm not taking a career risk, I'm not happy. If I'm scared, then I know I'm being challenged.

Tags: Happy, Place  ✍ Author: Jim Carrey

I don't believe that the public knows what it wants; this is the conclusion that I have drawn from my career.

Tags: Knows, Public  ✍ Author: Charlie Chaplin

I was not encouraged to follow the career of a writer because my parents thought that I was going to starve to death. They thought nobody can make a living from being a writer in Brazil. They were not wrong.

Tags: Death, Parents  ✍ Author: Paulo Coelho

I will do 'Dancing with the Stars' when my career dips.

Tags: Dancing, Stars  ✍ Author: Pauly D

I basically taught myself how to DJ, but I've been inspired by DJs throughout my whole career. I have some good friends that would hook us up with music. You learn some little things here and there from each DJ and you just take it and put your own style into to it.

Tags: Good, Music  ✍ Author: Pauly D

So a failed movie is not going to ruin my career.

Tags: Failed, Movie  ✍ Author: Vincent D\'Onofrio

Fans made me. The fans gave me a chance, and they made me. Beyond that, my career has been trials and tribulations and ups and downs, so I have to have true fans riding with me.

Tags: Trials, True  ✍ Author: Puff Daddy

A career in the theatre demands so much commitment.

Tags: Commitment, Theatre  ✍ Author: Jim Dale

He is loyal to his own career but only incidentally to anything or anyone else.

Tags: Anyone, Else  ✍ Author: Hugh Dalton

Part of the early Who career was all about knocking people's confidences out.

Tags: Early, Knocking  ✍ Author: Roger Daltrey

I've had too lengthy a career and coached too many players to make a choice.

Tags: Choice, Players  ✍ Author: Chuck Daly

I was never that much a focus of interest that I became a 'thing' at an earlier point in my career. I'm aware of having become a 'thing' now, which doesn't give me a lot of pleasure.

Tags: Focus, Give  ✍ Author: Matt Damon

There's no one actor in particular that I want to model my career after, except for the people who have been able to keep their career varied and who choose things that interest them. That opportunity is all I really want.

Tags: After, Keep  ✍ Author: Hugh Dancy

However, I'm at a very comfortable place in my career and celebrity, in that I don't have to audition as extensively as I used to for roles but yet I'm not immediately recognizable.

Tags: Place, Used  ✍ Author: Claire Danes

My whole career I have worked with non-Western musicians and different orchestras and ensembles and choirs.

Tags: Musicians, Whole  ✍ Author: Mychael Danna

I spent 20 years of my career primarily being a writer for hire.

Tags: Hire, Writer  ✍ Author: Frank Darabont

Sure my career means a hell of a lot, but it will never come before Sandy and my son.

Tags: Hell, Son  ✍ Author: Bobby Darin

I think I went through everything anyone who had a long career needed. I needed quiet. I needed to raise my children.

Tags: Anyone, Children  ✍ Author: Grace Darling

One of the things I realized early in my career is that you do what you believe, in knowing that if you don't, you will never like yourself. When you compromise out of fear or ambition, it eats inside you.

Tags: Fear, Yourself  ✍ Author: Samuel Dash

If these are the last 34 games of my NBA career, I want them played as tough as I can.

Tags: Last, Tough  ✍ Author: Antonio Davis

I have always loved the Bay Area. I spent a lot of time in the Bay Area. I started my career there. That's a huge part of the excitement for me.

Tags: Loved, Time  ✍ Author: Chili Davis

I'm at the point in my career where to be a winner is more important than any individual things.

Tags: Point, Winner  ✍ Author: Chili Davis

Not being re-signed in Baltimore was probably the lowest point, mentally, of my career. That city was the only place where I wanted to be at the time, based on everything that had transpired.

Tags: Place, Time  ✍ Author: Eric Davis

I didn't have a very starry school career, I was medium to above average, nothing special.

Tags: School, Special  ✍ Author: Richard Dawkins

The last thing I'd learn, well into my career, was how to get on, how to say hello, how to get in with the audience.

Tags: Last, Learn  ✍ Author: Phyllis Diller

A man may speak very well in the House of Commons, and fail very completely in the House of Lords. There are two distinct styles requisite: I intend, in the course of my career, if I have time, to give a specimen of both.

Tags: May, Time  ✍ Author: Benjamin Disraeli

Sir Walter, with his 61 years of life, although he never wrote a novel until he was over 40, had, fortunately for the world, a longer working career than most of his brethren.

Tags: Life, Working  ✍ Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

You need to have a life outside your career.

Tags: Life, Outside  ✍ Author: Sophie Ellis Bextor

A career in entertainment has a lifespan, like one in sport.

 ✍ Author: Sophie Ellis Bextor

I started my music career at 18, and for a long while I let other people handle my affairs.

Tags: Music, While  ✍ Author: Sophie Ellis Bextor

If you are on television, that one night that someone is able to see you, you're talking about millions of people in one day. That's pretty awesome because then it helps you to jumpstart your career, and if you're the one to go out there and perform, people are going to come see you because those millions saw you on the television.

Tags: Night, Someone  ✍ Author: Sheila E.

For the most part, I meet people who are like 'I really like your work. I'm watching your career. I want to see you do well. Keep doing what you do.' I get that so much, and it's so reassuring. I often wish that so many people, who just work normal jobs, could get a pat on the back as much as I do, because it's very complimentary.

Tags: Wish, Work  ✍ Author: Michael Ealy

If there's anything that is the center of my career both creatively and emotionally, it's the Olympics.

Tags: Both, Olympics  ✍ Author: Dick Ebersol

I'm aware people will think I've had an easy way into a dream career. My view is, if anyone has opportunities, they'll take them. My surname opens doors, but those doors will slam firmly if I'm no good.

Tags: Dream, Good  ✍ Author: Tamara Ecclestone

My career spanned the era when relievers started to become more important.

Tags: Become, Started  ✍ Author: Dennis Eckersley

That first year in Chicago was one of the most memorable in my career. Getting traded rejuvenated me, and I had something to prove. I wanted to show them what I could do.

Tags: Show, Wanted  ✍ Author: Dennis Eckersley

Well, I've thought many times when my career was in the toilet, that I was going to have to seriously consider getting another job, I don't know what I'd do.

Tags: Job, Thought  ✍ Author: Aaron Eckhart

I have a very solo career. I only write with people that I really adore.

Tags: Adore, Write  ✍ Author: Billy Eckstine

You see, rock and roll isn't a career or hobby - it's a life force. It's something very essential.

Tags: Life, Rock  ✍ Author: The Edge

Right now my career is totally schizophrenic, because when an American production like Hitchcock Presents asks to see my work I would never dream of showing them my independent films.

Tags: Dream, Work  ✍ Author: Atom Egoyan

Take motherhood: nobody ever thought of putting it on a moral pedestal until some brash feminists pointed out, about a century ago, that the pay is lousy and the career ladder nonexistent.

Tags: Mom, Thought  ✍ Author: Barbara Ehrenreich

I would not have a career without Facebook and Twitter. That's the truth.

Tags: Facebook, Truth  ✍ Author: Billy Eichner

If you went to Harvard Medical School, chances are you'll be a doctor at some place. There's a career trajectory. Acting, there's nothing. It's constantly trying to procure jobs - it's very disconcerting.

Tags: Medical, School  ✍ Author: Jesse Eisenberg
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