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Andrew Lau's Profile

Brief about Andrew Lau: By info that we know Andrew Lau was born at 1960-04-04. And also Andrew Lau is Chinese Director.

Some Andrew Lau's quotes. Goto "Andrew Lau's quotation" section for more.

When I have a chance to make some movies, I am 200 percent to concentrate about my works.

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When I on set as a director I crazy. My temper is not that good.

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In primary school when I was 6-7 years old, I always go to theater with my uncle, and I don't know why I like the atmosphere, dark only. The screen has some lighting, that kind of things, you can see the movie star and so that's why I like movies.

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When I go on the set, I'm so rushed. When I see the actors at rehearsal, when I love it, I want to keep the mood - my mood and the actors' mood also. So I have to push the crew faster. I don't want to lose the mood.

Tags: Keep, Lose, Love

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