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America's future will be determined by the home and the school. The child becomes largely what he is taught; hence we must watch what we teach, and how we live.

Tags: Future, Home  ✍ Author: Jane Addams

In primary school in south-eastern Nigeria, I was taught that Hosni Mubarak was the president of Egypt. I learned the same thing in secondary school. In university, Mubarak was still president of Egypt. I came to assume, subconsciously, that he - and others like Paul Biya in Cameroon and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya - would never leave.

Tags: Learned, Others  ✍ Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I look young. I heard this said so often that it became irritating. I once worked as a babysitter for a woman who, the first time we met, said she didn't want somebody in high school. I was 22. Later, I realised that in certain places being female and looking 'young' meant it was more difficult to be taken seriously, so I turned to make-up.

Tags: Time, Woman  ✍ Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Beslan, where the Russian authorities stopped live coverage of the school being stormed, was an illustration of the progress we still have to make.

Tags: Progress, Russian  ✍ Author: Kate Adie

Like most of my friends in school, I was a member of multiple circulating libraries; and all of us, to begin with, borrowed and read the same things.

Tags: Friends, Read  ✍ Author: Aravind Adiga

The family is the school of duties - founded on love.

Tags: Family, Love  ✍ Author: Felix Adler

People decided that I was the frat guy, even though I've never been inside a fraternity, or the guy who beat them up at school, even though that wasn't me at all.

Tags: Guy, Though  ✍ Author: Ben Affleck

My mother taught public school, went to Harvard and then got her master's there and taught fifth and sixth grade in a public school. My dad had a more working-class lifestyle. He didn't go to college. He was an auto mechanic and a bartender and a janitor at Harvard.

Tags: Dad, Mother  ✍ Author: Ben Affleck

My father actually moved out from Chicago just so he could play tennis 365 days a year, so it was - it was a place we played every day. We played before school. We played after school. We woke up. We played tennis. We brushed our teeth in that order.

Tags: After, Father  ✍ Author: Andre Agassi

Often times the public school teachers are ridiculed or they are made to feel inferior but this is really undeserved.

Tags: Often, Times  ✍ Author: Peter Agre

Following my junior year in high school, I went on a camping trip through Russia in a group led by Horst Momber, a young language teacher from Roosevelt.

Tags: Teacher, Young  ✍ Author: Peter Agre

Now a cholera epidemic was sweeping through Southeast Asia and south Asia in the early 1970s, so I started medical school and I joined a laboratory to work on this.

Tags: Medical, Work  ✍ Author: Peter Agre

Painting, drawing - I'm really into photography, I've done it since high school.

Tags: Done, High  ✍ Author: Dianna Agron

I definitely wasn't cool in high school. I really wasn't. I did belong to many of the clubs and was in leadership on yearbook and did the musical theater route, so I had friends in all areas. But I certainly did not know what to wear, did not know how to do my hair, all those things.

Tags: Cool, Leadership  ✍ Author: Dianna Agron

I didn't take the typical path and go to college after high school. Instead, I saved up money from teaching dance classes and moved to L.A. But my family was so supportive - I never felt pressure from them. It's crucial to find a support system, even if it's not your family.

Tags: Family, Money  ✍ Author: Dianna Agron

I was on the yearbook staff, so I would take out film cameras and Nikons and take photos around school and at sporting events and things like that. We had a darkroom as well. I just loved it. I also saved up for a video camera to video my friends and cut and paste the videos together and I gave them to all of my friends for graduation.

Tags: Graduation, Together  ✍ Author: Dianna Agron

In high school, I taught dance classes for 3-year-olds up to 16-year-olds, so between that and some bat mitzvah money, I saved up a pretty good nest egg to move to L.A.

Tags: Good, Money  ✍ Author: Dianna Agron

I always wanted to have my own album recorded and released before I graduated high school.

Tags: High, Wanted  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

I got along better with the guys than with the girls. Only two girls came up to talk to me. Later I found out they were telling their boyfriends, 'If you talk to her, I'll kill you.' It's always rough with that high school thing.

Tags: Her, Talk  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

I always wanted to have my own album released before I graduated from high school.

Tags: Graduation, Wanted  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

My parent's divorce and hard times at school, all those things combined to mold me, to make me grow up quicker. And it gave me the drive to pursue my dreams that I wouldn't necessarily have had otherwise.

Tags: Dreams, Hard  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

Growing up in a multicultural family, I never really felt that I was different - even though I was from most of the kids in my school. Especially with music, I try to just approach it as an equal.

Tags: Family, Music  ✍ Author: Priscilla Ahn

I went to school for special education. I always assumed when I had the opportunity I would love to try and help kids with disabilities.

Tags: Education, Love  ✍ Author: Clay Aiken

Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.

Tags: Friendship, Learned  ✍ Author: Muhammad Ali

I had a terrible education. I attended a school for emotionally disturbed teachers.

Tags: Education, Teacher  ✍ Author: Woody Allen
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My mother said I must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy. That some people, unable to go to school, were more educated and more intelligent than college professors.

Tags: Education, Mother  ✍ Author: Maya Angelou

The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.

Tags: Government, Philosophy  ✍ Author: Abraham Lincoln

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

Tags: Education, Learning  ✍ Author: Albert Einstein

I remember when I was in high school I didn't have a new dress for each special occasion. The girls would bring the fact to my attention, not always too delicately. The boys, however, never bothered with the subject. They were my friends, not because of the size of my wardrobe but because they liked me.

Tags: Friends, Remember  ✍ Author: Marilyn Monroe

I've never let my school interfere with my education.

Tags: Education, Interfere  ✍ Author: Mark Twain

God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board.

Tags: God, Idiot  ✍ Author: Mark Twain

In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.

Tags: Education, God  ✍ Author: Mark Twain

But there are advantages to being elected President. The day after I was elected, I had my high school grades classified Top Secret.

Tags: After, Secret  ✍ Author: Ronald Reagan

All through my life, I was hated on. When I was in middle school, they used to write in my rhyme book, 'You suck' or 'This sucks.'

Tags: Book, Life  ✍ Author: B.o.B

The School Energy Crisis Relief Act authorizes the Secretary of Energy to issue energy assistance grants to help the poorest school districts across the Nation offset these unexpected and challenging costs.

Tags: Crisis, Help  ✍ Author: Joe Baca

Catholic school graduates exhibit a wide variety of qualities that will not only help them in their careers but also in their family and community lives.

Tags: Family, Graduation  ✍ Author: Joe Baca

Head Start graduates are more likely to graduate from high school and less likely to need special education, repeat a grade, or commit crimes in adolescence.

Tags: Education, Special  ✍ Author: Joe Baca

My personal advice is to go to school first and get a liberal arts education, and then if you want to pursue acting, go to graduate school.

Tags: Education, Graduation  ✍ Author: Howard Bach

I started playing piano with a little band in high school. I was terrible. I thought I had absolutely no talent. I couldn't keep time. I only got into McGill, which was a lousy music school, because they were taking American music students.

Tags: Music, Time  ✍ Author: Burt Bacharach

I felt alienated at school, and I never did well with girls.

Tags: Alienated, Felt  ✍ Author: Burt Bacharach

I come from a modest background. I put myself through college and law school and a postdoctorate program in tax law.

Tags: Law, Put  ✍ Author: Michele Bachmann

I'm not only a lawyer, I have a post doctorate degree in federal tax law from William and Mary. I work in serious scholarship and work in the United States federal tax court. My husband and I raised five kids. We've raised 23 foster children. We've applied ourselves to education reform. We started a charter school for at-risk kids.

Tags: Education, Work  ✍ Author: Michele Bachmann

Harvard Medical School, the University of South Florida and the American Psychiatric Association have all conducted studies showing that the earlier one begins gambling, the more likely it is he or she will become an addicted, problem gambler.

Tags: Medical, Problem  ✍ Author: Spencer Bachus

They don't like thinking in medical school. They memorize - that's all they want you to do. You must not think.

Tags: Medical, Thinking  ✍ Author: John Backus

So I went to English school, secondary English school, so forget going to Mecca for my religious education.

Tags: Education, Forget  ✍ Author: Louis Bacon

I guess I never really had a high school experience. I went for about a month, and on the first day one of my friends got punched in the eye. It was Southern California Public High School. Needless to say, I wasn't there for long.

Tags: Experience, Friends  ✍ Author: Penn Badgley

I'm not satisfied with the explanations I get from tv or from school.

Tags: Satisfied, Tv  ✍ Author: Erykah Badu

Life is a school of probability.

Tags: Life  ✍ Author: Walter Bagehot

The only thing they can't teach you at art school is art.

Tags: Art, Teach  ✍ Author: David Bailey

I was dyslexic, so I was put in the silly class at school.

Tags: Put, Silly  ✍ Author: David Bailey

I left school on my 15th birthday.

Tags: Birthday, Left  ✍ Author: David Bailey

All I could do at school was paint and draw and that was the only time I ever passed any exam. It was the only thing I ever got right at school.

Tags: Exam, Time  ✍ Author: David Bailey

You must get an education. You must go to school, and you must learn to protect yourself. And you must learn to protect yourself with the pen, and not the gun.

Tags: Education, Yourself  ✍ Author: Josephine Baker

I've been in show business for 50, no, 60 years. I was approached in school to join a variety act.

Tags: Business, Show  ✍ Author: Kenny Baker

Poetry is so vital to us until school spoils it.

Tags: Poetry, Until  ✍ Author: Russell Baker

My dad was the baby. When he was born they were already successful. They sent him to business school - he probably would have loved to have been a poet or a writer or something, and he was very creative.

Tags: Business, Dad  ✍ Author: Bob Balaban

I'm 53. I don't care about high school students. I find them irritating and uninformed.

Tags: Care, High  ✍ Author: Alan Ball

That difficult start drove me on to inspire children and let them know that it is never to late to repair a bad experience at school, and once you get your head down and start to read books, you can really achieve.

Tags: Bad, Experience  ✍ Author: Johnny Ball

I didn't study Greek mythology in school and I wish I had.

Tags: Study, Wish  ✍ Author: Eric Bana

I get stubborn and dig in when people tell me I can't do something and I think I can. It goes back to my childhood when I had problems in school because I have a learning disability.

Tags: Learning, Problems  ✍ Author: Ann Bancroft

Getting through high school and college was one of my greatest achievements.

Tags: College, Greatest  ✍ Author: Ann Bancroft

I remember being shocked when I discovered some of my school pals didn't have books in their homes. I thought it was like not having oxygen, or hot water.

Tags: Remember, Thought  ✍ Author: Iain Banks

In high school I definitely had a clique of friends. And what I loved about it was that we were healthy and good girls.

Tags: Friends, Good  ✍ Author: Tyra Banks

The Church is not a gallery for the exhibition of eminent Christians, but a school for the education of imperfect ones.

Tags: Church, Education  ✍ Author: Henry Ward Beecher

A Christian is nothing but a sinful man who has put himself to school for Christ for the honest purpose of becoming better.

Tags: Christian, Put  ✍ Author: Henry Ward Beecher

I'm not going to buy my kids an encyclopedia. Let them walk to school like I did.

Tags: Kids, Walk  ✍ Author: Yogi Berra

Academe, n.: An ancient school where morality and philosophy were taught. Academy, n.: A modern school where football is taught.

Tags: Football, Sports  ✍ Author: Ambrose Bierce

Never go to your high school reunion pregnant or they will think that is all you have done since you graduated.

Tags: Done, Graduation  ✍ Author: Erma Bombeck

When I graduated from high school, it was during the Depression and we had no money.

Tags: Depression, Money  ✍ Author: Ray Bradbury

Example is the school of mankind, and they will learn at no other.

Tags: Learn, Mankind  ✍ Author: Edmund Burke

A drunkard would not give money to sober people. He said they would only eat it, and buy clothes and send their children to school with it.

Tags: Children, Money  ✍ Author: Samuel Butler

I was a scam artist in high school for a while.

Tags: Artist, While  ✍ Author: Scott Caan

I was the bad kid in school. I was usually in trouble.

Tags: Bad, Trouble  ✍ Author: Scott Caan

In high school, I wanted to be an actress. Until I got to college and took some creative writing courses. Then I decided I wanted to become a novelist.

Tags: Become, Writing  ✍ Author: Meg Cabot

In high school, I was very active in extracurricular activities such as art, theatre, and choir. I also wrote for the school newspaper, but not regularly, because I never liked writing non-fiction very much.

Tags: Art, Writing  ✍ Author: Meg Cabot

I wish I had taken Spanish instead of French in high school. I could eavesdrop on a lot more conversations on the subway if I knew Spanish.

Tags: High, Wish  ✍ Author: Meg Cabot

What's interesting is relative levels of introversion tend to stay the same. If you went back to your reunion from school, you would probably find that if you ranked everyone in your class into terms of levels of introversion and extroversion you'd still be the same rank.

Tags: Everyone, Stay  ✍ Author: Jonathan Cain

Before the child ever gets to school it will have received crucial, almost irrevocable sex education and this will have been taught by the parents, who are not aware of what they are doing.

Tags: Education, Sex  ✍ Author: Mary Calderone

Well, I love tattoos and have been drawing them on my binders in school since I was little.

Tags: Love, Since  ✍ Author: Kimberly Caldwell

I was the Chair of the first department of medical physics in a medical school in the U.S.

Tags: Medical, Physics  ✍ Author: James Cameron

I went to college at North Carolina School of the Arts and took a lot of singing classes, and it really is so connected to emotions.

Tags: College, Emotions  ✍ Author: Anna Camp

I went to School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, and we had a bunch of singing classes. My first job in New York was an Off-Broadway musical.

Tags: Job, Singing  ✍ Author: Anna Camp

Well, in brief, I was discovered by a lady called Beth Boldt. She had also been a model. She used to take pictures of the girls she found, and she took a picture of me one day in my school uniform, and it all kind of started from there.

Tags: She, Used  ✍ Author: Naomi Campbell

I was born in London and raised in Rome until I was 4. Then we went back to London, where I went to school.

Tags: Born, Until  ✍ Author: Naomi Campbell

I never had a real job either. I sort of fell out of school and ended up playing guitar.

Tags: Job, Real  ✍ Author: Vivian Campbell

There was a big drive when I was at art school to make you aware of the economy of meaning - after all, this was still during the tail end of minimalism. Being responsible for everything you put in your picture, and being able to defend it. Keeping everything clear around you so you know what is operating. To open the wound and keep it clean.

Tags: Art, End  ✍ Author: Jane Campion

I started out as a high school teacher in inner-city Chicago and realized quite quickly that my students weren't that motivated.

Tags: High, Teacher  ✍ Author: Jack Canfield

I'm not very good in a classroom sort of setting. I never was. I was kind of a clown in high school - got suspended a lot.

Tags: Good, High  ✍ Author: Bobby Cannavale

I hated high school. Ugh. I couldn't wait until it was over so I could sleep in. In college, I made sure all my classes were in the afternoon. I hated getting up in the morning.

Tags: Morning, Sleep  ✍ Author: Mario Cantone

Don't peak in high school.

Tags: High, Peak  ✍ Author: Lizzy Caplan

I think being mean to people in high school is healthy. It's sort of like you're in this situation with all these other kids and sometimes you need to get your aggression out. And if you'd had people be mean to you before, it really does build character.

Tags: Character, Mean  ✍ Author: Lizzy Caplan

For the 95 per cent whose only means of schooling is the district or the city school, we must provide what we are not now providing, an education that will better fit them for the struggle of life.

Tags: Education, Life  ✍ Author: Arthur Capper

Mr. Speaker, less than 10 percent of our Nation's children walk or ride their bicycles to school, and too many schools continue to invite fast-food vendors into their cafeterias.

Tags: Children, Nation  ✍ Author: Lois Capps

I didn't really watch action films growing up! I grew up on stuff like 'Anne of Green Gables' - that was more when I was in elementary school. It was all I ever watched.

Tags: Action, Growing  ✍ Author: Gina Carano

I think everyone feels lost at times during their high school years.

Tags: Everyone, Lost  ✍ Author: Linda Cardellini

I don't think my kids have to worry too much about me embarrassing them because that's not how I would want to grow up, with wacky dad showing up at school and performing for everyone.

Tags: Dad, Everyone  ✍ Author: Steve Carell

I was a bad dater, and up until 8th grade I went to an all boy's school. So, by the time I hit high school I was a bit freaked out by women in general.

Tags: Time, Women  ✍ Author: Steve Carell

I had, before I went to college, I had taken a few years off after high school and really had, I guess in those days, I had no intentions of going to college.

Tags: After, Off  ✍ Author: Duane G. Carey

For some reason I did something where I realized I could get a reaction. That was when I broke out of my shell at school, because I really didn't have any friends or anything like that and I just kind of was going along, and then finally I did this zany thing, and all of a sudden I had tons of friends.

Tags: Friends, Reason  ✍ Author: Jim Carrey

When you introduce competition into the public school system, most studies show that schools start to do better when they are competing for students.

Tags: Show, Start  ✍ Author: Bill Cosby
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