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Arielle Dombasle's Profile

Brief about Arielle Dombasle: By info that we know Arielle Dombasle was born at 1955-04-27. And also Arielle Dombasle is French Actress.

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Do not know yourself. I want to continue to surprise me.

Tags: Continue, Surprise, Yourself

I have a taste for a kind of melancholy and for being an absolute victim of love.

Tags: Love, Melancholy, Victim

I'm a feminist, a 21st-century feminist - which means choice and freedom. One has the right to be both glamorous and ethically structured.

Tags: Choice, Freedom, Means

Dance must have a precision without fault.

Tags: Dance, Fault, Precision

I married someone 30 years older than me, a doctor, a playboy who had a terrible Don Juan reputation.

Tags: Married, Older, Someone

There is no love without suffering.

Tags: Love, Suffering