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Ben Shahn's Profile

Brief about Ben Shahn: By info that we know Ben Shahn was born at 1970-01-01. And also Ben Shahn is Lithuanian Artist.

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When a man returned from the field and we'd look at the work, we'd criticize each other very genuinely and never offensively. And we would avoid all tricks, angle shots were just horrible to us.

Tags: Avoid, Criticize, Work

When you talk about war on poverty it doesn't mean very much; but if you can show to some degree this sort of thing then you can show a great deal more of how people are living and a very great percentage of our people today.

Tags: Great, Today, War

An amateur is someone who supports himself with outside jobs which enable him to paint. A professional is someone whose wife works to enable him to paint.

Tags: Him, Someone, Wife

I became interested in photography when I found my own sketching was inadequate.

Tags: Found, Inadequate, Interested

I didn't care where my works were published.

Tags: Care, Published, Works

I feel, having the choices I had, I felt I had more control over my own medium than I did over photography.

Tags: Choices, Control, Felt

I still love to look at photographs but I couldn't do it myself anymore.

Tags: Anymore, Love

I've been asked a great deal about the influence I've had with my work and it's impossible to say, you know.

Tags: Great, Impossible, Work

In the South or in the mine country, wherever you point the camera there is a picture.

Tags: Country, Picture, Point

It's pretty hard to measure influence of written or visual material.

Tags: Hard, Influence, Pretty

Now, my knowledge of photography was terribly limited.

Tags: Knowledge, Limited, Terribly

Roy was just another bureaucrat to me, but I realized very soon that without Roy this thing would have died.

Tags: Another, Died, Soon

Whatever I get involved in, I'm totally involved, you see.

Tags: Involved, Totally, Whatever

I confess that Roy was a little bit dictatorial in his editing and he ruined quite a number of my pictures, which he stopped doing later. He used to punch a hole through a negative. Some of them were incredibly valuable. He didn't understand at the time.

Tags: Negative, Time, Understand

I did take my camera along, as I felt there wouldn't be enough time to draw the things I wanted to do. I did some drawing and did a lot of photography but I was not part of Stryker's outfit at all.

Tags: Enough, Time, Wanted

I felt very strongly the whole social impact of that depression, you know, and I felt very strongly about the efforts that this Resettlement Administration was trying to accomplish; resettling people, helping them, and so on.

Tags: Depression, Trying, Whole

I remember traveling around in Arkansas with Senator Robinson, and I told him what this little trick was. He felt very much part of it and had me take pictures of people unbeknownst to them.

Tags: Felt, Him, Remember

I was brought in, not in the photographic department at all, I was brought in on a thing called Special Skills. I was to do posters, pamphlets, murals, propaganda in general, you know.

Tags: General, Skills, Special

I was primarily interested in people, and people in action, so that I did nothing photographically in the sense of doing buildings for their own sake or a still life or anything like that.

Tags: Action, Life, Sense

I was so impressed with the work we were doing and I was very involved ideologically in photography - that I arranged an exhibition at the College Art Association. The first exhibition I picked the photographs and so on and we had an exhibition in New York.

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