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Tony Shalhoub's Profile

Brief about Tony Shalhoub: By info that we know Tony Shalhoub was born at 1953-10-09. And also Tony Shalhoub is American Actor.

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I was one of those people who put too much emphasis on work and career and material possessions, and it took its toll on all my relationships, on my physical health, my emotional and mental health.

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All I wanted with that film was to represent the possibility that there might be normal people who are Muslim or Arab with the same fears, responsibilities, hopes.

Tags: Film, Might, Wanted

I don't look as handsome in Men in Black 2 as I did in the first one.

Tags: Black, Handsome, Men

I'm impossible to direct. I couldn't get myself to do anything.

Tags: Direct, Impossible

You're not really necessarily the coolest guy in their life. You are a conduit to the really cool people.

Tags: Cool, Guy, Life

And Big Night, I think by the end the brothers find that balance, when they touch each other on the shoulder over breakfast and it's understood that what should never have driven them apart almost drove them apart. I think that's a true moment.

Tags: End, Night, True

I come from a really big family, my father was a businessman and what he always instilled in us was to be your own boss. My father built up his business, and he was by no means a rich man, but he figured out how to work four-and-a-half days a week.

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I still think of myself as a stage actor. When I do film and television I try to implement what I was taught to do in theatre, to try to stretch into characters that are far from myself.

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It was really an experience, being my first time directing a movie. The scenes that I was in, Brooke really directed me all the time. And the scenes that both of us were in, Brooke directed those. Come to think of it, Brooke directed most of the scenes.

Tags: Both, Experience, Time

To my fellow nominees, whoever they are - I'm not that familiar with their work - I just want to say, there's always next year - except, you know, for Ray Romano .

Tags: Next, Work, Year

With what's happened in the world the last three years, it's easier to see why it's become popular again to diminish and revile Arabs and Muslims in American popular culture.

Tags: Again, Become, Why