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Bethenny Frankel's Profile

Brief about Bethenny Frankel: By info that we know Bethenny Frankel was born at 1970-11-04. And also Bethenny Frankel is American Businesswoman.

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I never had a true childhood.

Tags: Childhood, True

I never thought I'd be a role model but I think to some people I am or have been.

Tags: Model, Role, Thought

I thought doing reality TV would be the greatest success of my life or the biggest mistake.

Tags: Greatest, Life, Success

I truly don't believe in regret.

Tags: Regret, Truly

I went onto reality TV as a business decision.

Tags: Business, Decision, Reality

I'm a big bath person.

Tags: Bath, Big

I'm always in my pajamas, unless I know for a fact that people are taking my picture.

Tags: Fact, Picture, Unless

I'm not overly focused on being loved by everybody.

Tags: Everybody, Focused, Loved

I'm one of those people who have everything in their purses.

Tags: Future, Scared, Unknown

I'm very private.

Tags: Private

I've always been told I have a giant placenta.

Tags: Giant

I've often thought if I didn't make my marriage work, I would have failed at my one true shot at happiness.

Tags: Happiness, Marriage, Work

In many ways, being pregnant and working were more difficult than motherhood.

Tags: Difficult, Ways, Working

It's hard to wind down, but then I beat myself up because I have a tense back.

Tags: Beat, Hard, Wind

It's my nature to run from relationships, because I have never seen a good one.

Tags: Good, Nature, Seen

Life is hopefully long, so I don't know what the future will bring.

Tags: Bring, Future, Life

Love is everywhere.

Tags: Everywhere, Love

My biggest 'don't' from the past? Picking my face!

Tags: Biggest, Face, Past

My books have helped a lot of men to lose weight.

Tags: Books, Lose, Men

My business doesn't keep me warm at night.

Tags: Business, Keep, Night
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