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Christian Siriano's Profile

Brief about Christian Siriano: By info that we know Christian Siriano was born at 1985-11-18. And also Christian Siriano is American Designer.

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A bad investment is going for quantity over quality. If you're trying to be careful with your wallet, especially with the economy right now, you have to choose staple pieces.

Tags: Bad, Quality, Trying

Shoes are a big part of your look. I think that if your outfit isn't really something special, then fun footwear is a great way to jazz it up and make your ensemble more interesting.

Tags: Fun, Great, Special

The gays like 'Project Runway' because it's a fashion, and the gays are into fashion and into design. It's a creative industry, and most of the gays are pretty creative, in general. That's just like the culture. We're not all into politics necessarily. We're more into the creative environment. I also think Heidi is a big draw. The boys love Heidi and think she's so fabulous. I just think it's a glitzy, fun show, and there are also always lots of gay boys on it, and, you know, that's fun.

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Everything I wear is a do and everything else is a don't!

Tags: Else, Wear

I am confident and I work so hard to be confident. If I wasn't talented, then I wouldn't be as confident.

Tags: Confident, Hard, Work

I Google everyone I meet and I look up designers.

Tags: Everyone, Google, Meet

I just think it's great to show a gown that's $8,000 and a shoe that's, like, $25 - but still look fabulous together.

Tags: Great, Show, Together

I think I was very young when I became interested in fashion.

Tags: Fashion, Interested, Young

I want to have my own line and collection.

Tags: Collection, Line

I'd rather buy clothes than buy a bed.

Tags: Bed, Clothes, Rather

I'm going to have some fabulous nights out with champagne.

Tags: Champagne, Fabulous, Nights

I'm young and I have a lot of experience and I learn quickly.

Tags: Experience, Learn, Young

My name is out there right now. I'm creative and innovative. I should capitalize on it.

Tags: Creative, Innovative, Name

You can wear whatever, be whatever, do whatever you want.

Tags: Wear, Whatever

Fabrics and lining make a big difference in the garment. If you're buying an expensive trench coat, and it's lined in something cheap, it doesn't feel as nice.

Tags: Big, Difference, Nice

For me I'm a luxury brand trying to prove to people and the industry that it's not about being a TV celebrity in any which way, it's about being a designer and having a business and being successful at that.

Tags: Business, Successful, Trying

I came from a different world from other designers because I already had such a strong fan base that was interested in fashion. You have to give the little divas something.

Tags: Fashion, Give, Strong

I hate the terminology of 'costume' because my clothes are not costumes at all. I think they're high fashion, avant-garde, and more couture, definitely, and yes, some of my pieces are not particularly wearable, but I wouldn't say they're costumes, I'd say they're more couture.

Tags: Fashion, Hate, High

It was something I was more interested in myself. When I went to see my sister dance at ballet, I was really into costumes and the arts, and my family was also supportive of whatever me and my sister wanted to do. I would say I pushed myself the most to be into design.

Tags: Dance, Design, Family

There are a ton of A-list stars I'd love to dress - fashionistas like Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson. Also, Cate Blanchett would be fun and fabulous. My picks vary by the day and how I'm feeling. But, as a new, young designer, I'm open to working with everyone!

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