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I'm like Johnny Cash. I only wear black.

Tags: Black, Cash  ✍ Author: Adele

I never wanted to be Marilyn - it just happened. Marilyn's like a veil I wear over Norma Jeane.

Tags: Happened, Wanted  ✍ Author: Marilyn Monroe

What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.

Tags: Bed, Why  ✍ Author: Marilyn Monroe

A lot of people want to not wear a tie when they go to a restaurant. They feel they don't have to wear a tie. I think it's kind of a statement they're making. I don't know what that statement is. I haven't quite figured that out yet.

Tags: Making, Quite  ✍ Author: Alec Baldwin

I told my dentist my teeth are going yellow. he told me to wear a brown tie.

Tags: Dentist, Teeth  ✍ Author: Rodney Dangerfield

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Tags: Heart, Sleeve  ✍ Author: Princess Diana

We forge the chains we wear in life.

Tags: Chains, Life  ✍ Author: Charles Dickens

The last suit that you wear, you don't need any pockets.

Tags: Last, Suit  ✍ Author: Wayne Dyer

The bathing suits they had me wear on Baywatch were all one-pieces, which kill my figure.

Tags: Bathing, Figure  ✍ Author: Nicole Eggert

I was brought up very conservatively. My father was positively Victorian - I wasn't even allowed to wear my hair down.

Tags: Father, Hair  ✍ Author: Britt Ekland

Do not expect the world to look bright, if you habitually wear gray-brown glasses.

Tags: Bright, Expect  ✍ Author: Charles William Eliot

Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles.

Tags: Friends, Smile  ✍ Author: George Eliot

To be a king and wear a crown is a thing more glorious to them that see it than it is pleasant to them that bear it.

Tags: Bear, King  ✍ Author: Elizabeth I

I don't throw my clothes out after one wear. Shocking, I know.

Tags: After, Clothes  ✍ Author: Dakota Fanning

I like mixing things. I wear a lot of boots. Love boots. And then jeans, but I like to wear them with a really ruffly top. Or I love high-waisted anything.

Tags: Love, Top  ✍ Author: Elle Fanning

I like necklaces that are short, the way skateboarders used to wear them in the seventies.

Tags: Short, Used  ✍ Author: Elle Fanning

Whatever you wear, you have to own it. Make it yours.

Tags: Whatever, Yours  ✍ Author: Paul Feig

I'm a boots girl. I always wear boots. They only look better when they get dirty.

Tags: Dirty, Girl  ✍ Author: Sky Ferreira

I don't wear plaid shirts.

Tags: Shirts  ✍ Author: Larry Gagosian

But I'll never be one of those women who feel that they always have to wear earrings and aren't properly dressed without them.

Tags: Dressed, Women  ✍ Author: Jennifer Garner

You are what you wear. I wear something different everyday.

Tags: Everyday  ✍ Author: Corey Haim

I wear heels. It's not for a fashion statement, it's... ammunition.

Tags: Fashion, Heels  ✍ Author: Nikki Haley

When I go out with my 16-year-old friends, I don't wear Chanel.

Tags: Chanel, Friends  ✍ Author: Bridget Hall

When I was 22, I thought I couldn't wear heels because of my height.

Tags: Heels, Thought  ✍ Author: Rebecca Hall

I wear a necklace, cause I wanna know when I'm upside down.

Tags: Cause, Funny  ✍ Author: Mitch Hedberg
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I never wear sneakers. I don't feel comfortable in them.

Tags: Sneakers  ✍ Author: Max Irons

I do my own make-up a lot of the time, and I'm very involved in what I wear.

Tags: Involved, Time  ✍ Author: Jessie J

I like to wear things for longer than one season.

Tags: Longer, Season  ✍ Author: Heidi Klum

Personally, I don't wear fur.

Tags: Fur, Personally  ✍ Author: Karl Lagerfeld

Buy clothes the size you want to wear.

Tags: Clothes, Size  ✍ Author: Karl Lagerfeld

It was so kind of you to mention that I don't wear stays. What's the point? If you squeeze it in at one point, it only comes out at the other.

Tags: Point, Squeeze  ✍ Author: Lillie Langtry

If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater suggest that he wear a tail.

Tags: Dog, Pet  ✍ Author: Fran Lebowitz

I'd rather go naked than wear fur.

Tags: Fur, Rather  ✍ Author: Holly Madison

But if you are going to wear blinders then you do not know the world.

Tags: Blinders  ✍ Author: Miriam Makeba

Less is more! I don't wear makeup if I don't have to.

Tags: Less, Makeup  ✍ Author: Jennifer Nettles

Never wear anything that panics the cat.

Tags: Cat, Pet  ✍ Author: P. J. O\'Rourke

I wear my Pen as others do their Sword.

Tags: Others, Sword  ✍ Author: Mike Oldfield

I like ties but I prefer not to wear one when I'm nervous.

Tags: Nervous, Ties  ✍ Author: Jamie Oliver

What am I going to wear to the Emmys? Something with a tie.

Tags: Emmys, Tie  ✍ Author: Timothy Olyphant

I'm so shy now I wear sunglasses everywhere I go.

Tags: Shy, Sunglasses  ✍ Author: Al Pacino

I'd wear clogs, short pants and ladies' bracelets. I created this aura for myself.

Tags: Ladies, Short  ✍ Author: Aidan Quinn

I'd wear flip-flops and jeans. I guess that's not cool.

Tags: Cool, Guess  ✍ Author: Bill Rancic

I'd much rather wear out than rust out.

Tags: Rather, Rust  ✍ Author: Dan Rather

No one in my writers' room can wear sweatpants.

Tags: Room, Writers  ✍ Author: Portia Simpson-Miller

Every suit I wear is custom-made by a guy named Waraire Boswell in L.A.

Tags: Guy, Suit  ✍ Author: Raphael Saadiq

I never wear the same shoe twice.

Tags: Shoe, Twice  ✍ Author: Dion Sanders

I have tons of jewelry. I like to wear a lot of it.

Tags: Jewelry, Tons  ✍ Author: Amber Tamblyn

I tend not to wear accessories. I'm not one of those gals with a drawerful of amazing jewelry. I don't even have my ears pierced! But I have one bracelet that never comes off my wrist.

Tags: Amazing, Off  ✍ Author: Rachael Taylor

I didn't want to wear a checked shirt and grow a mustache - that's what you had to do, and everyone did.

Tags: Everyone, Grow  ✍ Author: Neil Tennant

I love the sassy skinnies; that's what I usually wear.

Tags: Love, Sassy  ✍ Author: Jenna Ushkowitz

I want people to feel happy when they wear my shoes.

Tags: Happy, Shoes  ✍ Author: Diego Della Valle

I always wear my sweater back-to-front; it is so much more flattering.

Tags: Flattering, Sweater  ✍ Author: Diana Vreeland

I grew up all around the world, and when I settled in a suburb in America, I didn't have any idea what I was supposed to wear.

Tags: America, Idea  ✍ Author: Dylan Walsh

She has a wash and wear bridal gown.

Tags: Gown, She  ✍ Author: Henny Youngman

I did not have a van, or wear Birkenstocks and tie-dyes.

Tags: Van  ✍ Author: Rachel Zoe

I wear things that kind of can look good for extended periods of time - fabrics that don't wrinkle, things that don't stain very easily.

Tags: Good, Time  ✍ Author: Rachel Zoe

I don't think that people should wear dresses two sizes too small. I just think that sexiness is better left to the imagination. It's just more tasteful.

Tags: Left, Small  ✍ Author: Rachel Zoe

There's not really a ban on the KIA bracelet specifically. There are regulations for wearing the uniform and specifically jewelry, and Marines are not allowed to wear bracelets. This falls under that spectrum. Now, the KIA bracelet will be lumped into the same category as the POW/MIA bracelets, which are approved for wear.

Tags: Jewelry, Marines  ✍ Author: James F. Amos

I don't wear sunscreen. I don't have a skincare program.

Tags: Program, Sunscreen  ✍ Author: Pamela Anderson

On the whole, I think women wear too much and are to fussy. You can't see the person for all the clutter.

Tags: Whole, Women  ✍ Author: Julie Andrews

I want to be the best version of myself - intellectually, emotionally, and physically. So I like to wear clothes that I feel comfortable in, that reflect that.

Tags: Best, Clothes  ✍ Author: Gabrielle Anwar

I hardly wear any makeup.

Tags: Hardly, Makeup  ✍ Author: Jules Asner

The children don't wear their masks at home and in controlled surroundings.

Tags: Children, Home  ✍ Author: Martin Bashir

Normally, when I skydive, even in winter, I wear very thin gloves. I want to be flexible, with fast reactions.

Tags: Fast, Winter  ✍ Author: Felix Baumgartner

Heroes don't wear diapers. It's just not cool.

Tags: Cool, Heroes  ✍ Author: Felix Baumgartner

Always wear a smile sometime during the day - it makes you feel happier and look younger.

Tags: Makes, Smile  ✍ Author: Kylie Bax

The British electors will not vote for a man who does not wear a hat.

Tags: British, Vote  ✍ Author: Lord Beaverbrook

People always think I'm taller than I am - not just because of the shoes I wear but because of the way I dress. It's all relatively streamlined.

Tags: Dress, Shoes  ✍ Author: Victoria Beckham

I never wear white or black socks.

Tags: Black, White  ✍ Author: James Van Der Beek

Watches are the only jewelry men can wear, unless you're Mr. T.

Tags: Men, Unless  ✍ Author: Gordon Bethune

I like bold colors but usually wear black.

Tags: Black, Colors  ✍ Author: Mayim Bialik

Every man must wear out at least one pair of fools shoes.

Tags: Fools, Shoes  ✍ Author: Earl Derr Biggers

I love shorts in the colder climates, because you can wear them with chunky sweaters and jackets. It's cute and funky.

Tags: Cute, Love  ✍ Author: Rachel Bilson

I like to be comfortable, and don't like to be cold, and I don't like to wear anything I'm not in the mood for.

Tags: Cold, Mood  ✍ Author: Rachel Bilson

I love the idea of a super villain that doesn't wear a cape, that doesn't wear a super suit.

Tags: Idea, Love  ✍ Author: Shane Black

I'll mix a lot of things. I'll wear a Temperley dress with flip flops, or I might be in head-to-toe Gucci and have on a ring that I got from a gumball machine for 50 cents.

Tags: Dress, Might  ✍ Author: Sara Blakely

When in doubt wear red.

Tags: Doubt, Red  ✍ Author: Bill Blass

I love a man who can wear my underwear.

Tags: Love, Underwear  ✍ Author: Drew Bledsoe

But the suit I wear is my work attire, and nothing else.

Tags: Else, Work  ✍ Author: Rosa Bonheur

I'm not very eccentric. I wear more conservative clothes, though I do like mini-skirts.

Tags: Clothes, Though  ✍ Author: Sandrine Bonnaire

If you want to get my attention, wear a pirate outfit.

Tags: Attention, Pirate  ✍ Author: Michelle Branch

I do wear weaves and I do wear wigs.

Tags: Wigs  ✍ Author: Tamar Braxton

I am a huge fan of big cotton underpants; they're comfortable. I wear them every day.

Tags: Big, Fan  ✍ Author: Gisele Bundchen

Whenever I pick up a jacket and it's heavy, I think, 'Oh, I don't want to wear that.'

Tags: Oh, Pick  ✍ Author: Robert Burton

I wear Spanx to smooth things out. I read that Jessica Alba wears them and if she wears them, then so should I.

Tags: Read, She  ✍ Author: Amanda Bynes

I like clothes that are easy to wear. I like to be comfortable and confident.

Tags: Clothes, Easy  ✍ Author: Amy Carlson

I think you should only wear jewellery if it has a story behind it.

Tags: Behind, Story  ✍ Author: Robert Carlyle

I'm often criticised for what I wear. That's my main label in the press now: disastrous dresser!

Tags: Often, Press  ✍ Author: Helena Bonham Carter

Everybody should have the right to wear flip-flops in summer.

Tags: Everybody, Summer  ✍ Author: Sarah Carter

I like to wear what I feel good in, not what the latest trend is.

Tags: Good, Latest  ✍ Author: Kristin Cavallari

I've always worn suits. To me they're a very practical kind of thing to wear. You put one on and don't really have to think about what you're going to wear.

Tags: Practical, Put  ✍ Author: Nick Cave

I just be comfortable in my own skin; I might wear anything.

Tags: Might, Skin  ✍ Author: Two Chainz

I'm very emotional. That's why I wear shades a lot.

Tags: Emotional, Why  ✍ Author: Duane Chapman

Men should not be forced to wear pants when it's not cold.

Tags: Cold, Men  ✍ Author: Adam Clayton

I don't like public venues. I never know what to wear.

Tags: Public, Venues  ✍ Author: Glenn Close

The yoke you wear determines the burden you bear.

Tags: Bear, Burden  ✍ Author: Cheryl Cole

Cameron and I actually do wear the same size. It made it very easy for the wardrobe department.

Tags: Actually, Easy  ✍ Author: Toni Collette

I wouldn't include a piece in my collection that I wouldn't wear personally.

Tags: Collection, Piece  ✍ Author: Lauren Conrad

I almost exclusively wear skinny jeans. I'm terrified of any other cut of denim.

Tags: Almost, Cut  ✍ Author: Lauren Conrad

Actually, I wear the nail polish to hide how grubby my nails are.

Tags: Actually, Hide  ✍ Author: Caroline Corr

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