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Danny Trejo's Profile

Brief about Danny Trejo: By info that we know Danny Trejo was born at 1944-05-16. And also Danny Trejo is American Actor.

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Everything good that's ever happened to me came out of helping others.

Tags: Good, Happened, Others

Hollywood wants guys who can act tough - Hollywood don't want tough guys.

Tags: Act, Tough, Wants

I love action films. I don't really like drama.

Tags: Action, Drama, Love

I'd always rather be working - and you know what? My kids would rather me be working. If I stay at home, I'll only buy another car or spend their money.

Tags: Car, Home, Money

The blessing that this film business has given me is that when I walk into a school I automatically have everyone's attention. They want to hear what the guy from 'Con Air' and 'Desperado' has to say.

Tags: Business, Everyone, School
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