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Dexter Gordon's Profile

Brief about Dexter Gordon: By info that we know Dexter Gordon was born at 1923-02-27. And also Dexter Gordon is American Musician.

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In nuclear war all men are cremated equal.

Tags: Equal, Men, War

A lot of times I go back to record and to make a tour, but I'm very happy to do it, because it gives me an opportunity to dig and hear what's going on.

Tags: Happy, Hear, Times

If you can't play the blues... you might as well hang it up.

Tags: Blues, Hang, Might

To have a little recognition, that is very nice, you dig. It is good for the ego, for the psyche.

Tags: Ego, Good, Nice

Darlin... be-bop is the music of the future.

Tags: Future, Music

If I were to call it black music, that would be untrue. I don't know what that is, unless it would be some African drums or something.

Tags: Black, Call, Music

In jazz, there is a lot of European influence harmonically.

Tags: European, Influence, Jazz

Jazz to me is a living music. It's a music that since its beginning has expressed the feelings, the dreams, hopes, of the people.

Tags: Dreams, Feelings, Music

Music is a reservoir... of sounds.

Tags: Music, Reservoir, Sounds

The music scene is more competitive in the States.

Tags: Music, Scene

What I'm doing, I prefer to call that jazz, because it is a beautiful word - I love it.

Tags: Beautiful, Love, Word

It's certainly not just a spot opinion; it's something that obviously has been building up for years. It is also very good for publicity, and it is the kind of recognition that maybe will help financially, also.

Tags: Good, Help, Opinion

When you know the lyrics to a tune, you have some kind of insight as to it's composition. If you don't understand what it's about, you're depriving yourself of being really able to communicate this poem.

Tags: Able, Understand, Yourself
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