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I don't have one song that sounds like another one in my entire catalog.

Tags: Another, Song  ✍ Author: Erykah Badu

I was listening to the first record the other day, and it sounds remarkably contemporary.

Tags: Listening, Remarkably  ✍ Author: Enid Bagnold

The thing that's good about Hip Hop is that it has experimented with a lot of different sounds and music.

Tags: Good, Music  ✍ Author: Afrika Bambaataa

The radio makes hideous sounds.

Tags: Makes, Radio  ✍ Author: Bob Dylan

Every actor-performer says this, and it sounds so irritating, but I'm not the most outgoing person.

Tags: Irritating, Says  ✍ Author: Billy Eichner

It sounds trite, but I like telling stories.

Tags: Stories, Telling  ✍ Author: Rebecca Hall

All the sounds of the earth are like music.

Tags: Earth, Music  ✍ Author: Oscar Hammerstein

A new era in the physiological investigation of linguistic sounds was opened up by X-ray photography.

Tags: Era, Linguistic  ✍ Author: Roman Jakobson

At first acoustics attributed to the different sounds only a limited number of characteristic features.

Tags: Limited, Number  ✍ Author: Roman Jakobson

From a strictly articulatory point of view there is no succession of sounds.

Tags: Point, View  ✍ Author: Roman Jakobson

Linguistic sounds, considered as external, physical phenomena have two aspects, the motor and the acoustic.

Tags: Linguistic, Physical  ✍ Author: Roman Jakobson

Now the identification of individual sounds by phonetic observation is an artificial way of proceeding.

Tags: Artificial, Individual  ✍ Author: Roman Jakobson

I just want to serve people. I know it sounds like a simple cliche.

Tags: Serve, Simple  ✍ Author: Tim Kaine

I grew up hearing words like snakeroot, sassafras, mullein - things that had wondrous, mysterious sounds in their names.

Tags: Mysterious, Words  ✍ Author: Bela Karolyi

I'm very interested in music and where these sounds of Western music come from.

Tags: Interested, Music  ✍ Author: Erich Kastner

The one thing I do not want to be called is First Lady. It sounds like a saddle horse.

Tags: Horse, Lady  ✍ Author: Jackie Kennedy

Register is very important. Music sounds best in a certain register.

Tags: Best, Music  ✍ Author: Steve Lacy

I did surveillance a lot, which sounds exciting, but it never was.

Tags: Exciting  ✍ Author: Johann Heinrich Lambert

Thing, body, matter, are nothing apart from the combinations of the elements, - the colours, sounds, and so forth - nothing apart from their so-called attributes.

Tags: Body, Matter  ✍ Author: Ernst Mach

I think Stills has been playing better than ever. I know a lot of it sounds self-serving, but he truly has.

Tags: Playing, Truly  ✍ Author: Graham Nash

I am producing sounds that people are not used to hearing from the harp.

Tags: Hearing, Used  ✍ Author: Joanna Newsom

My trumpeting sounds like a goose farting in the fog.

Tags: Fog, Goose  ✍ Author: Kevin O\'Leary

It's just a goatee. That sounds kind of weird. A soul patch? I don't know how 'soul' it is.

Tags: Soul, Weird  ✍ Author: Apolo Ohno

I know it sounds absurd, but 11 months old, I did my first commercial.

Tags: Months, Old  ✍ Author: Hayden Panettiere

Rhythm and sounds are born with syllables.

Tags: Born, Rhythm  ✍ Author: Jean Philippe Rameau
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Just trying to be different - when I hear something - I don't like to go trampling on other people's sounds.

Tags: Hear, Trying  ✍ Author: Joey Santiago

Ultimately I am happy that everybody is embracing hip hop and the sounds from the streets.

Tags: Everybody, Happy  ✍ Author: Ice T

I know it sounds hokey but I think, ultimately, on television you can't hide who you are.

Tags: Hide, Television  ✍ Author: Robert Urich

Richard Wagner, a musician who wrote music which is better than it sounds.

Tags: Music, Musician  ✍ Author: Richard Wagner

The sweetest of all sounds is praise.

Tags: Praise, Sweetest  ✍ Author: Francis Xavier

The sounds and rhythms of words are really important to me.

Tags: Rhythms, Words  ✍ Author: David Almond

I just think, certainly for live music it should look as good as it sounds.

Tags: Good, Music  ✍ Author: Adam Ant

My best feature would have to be my hair. That sounds so cliche - but my hair is like a separate entity.

Tags: Best, Hair  ✍ Author: Jake T. Austin

Well, if you find a note tonight that sounds good, play the same damn note every night!

Tags: Good, Night  ✍ Author: Count Basie

I play the way I do because it allows me to come up with the sickest sounds possible. That's the point now isn't it?

Tags: Point, Possible  ✍ Author: Jeff Beck

Micing it from two different angles in front of the speaker sounds huge, and it's so simple.

Tags: Front, Simple  ✍ Author: Daisy Berkowitz

It's hard to know exactly what it sounds like to me. I'm in the studio and I write it. and that's it.

Tags: Hard, Write  ✍ Author: Nuno Bettencourt

This sounds horribly pretentious, but I like to think that if music hadn't existed, I could have invented it.

Tags: Invented, Music  ✍ Author: Harrison Birtwistle

When you're recording, if you're not really clean in your playing, it sounds like a mess.

Tags: Clean, Playing  ✍ Author: Ritchie Blackmore

I do and re-do things that I used to do in a flash, because I want to be more perfectionist about these things. Maybe it sounds pompous and pretentious, but that's the way I feel.

Tags: Maybe, Used  ✍ Author: Manolo Blahnik

I wanted to make sounds that I'd never heard before.

Tags: Heard, Wanted  ✍ Author: James Blake

All rock musicians are deaf... Or insensitive to mellow sounds.

Tags: Musicians, Rock  ✍ Author: Sissela Bok

If Queen Elizabeth knighthooded me and I would get the title Sir Usain Bolt. That sounds very nice.

Tags: Nice, Queen  ✍ Author: Usain Bolt

My favorite review described me as the cinematic equivalent of junk mail. I don't know what that means, but it sounds like a dig.

Tags: Favorite, Means  ✍ Author: Steve Buscemi

I can laugh on cue, and it sounds real. People laugh with me.

Tags: Laugh, Real  ✍ Author: Ruth Buzzi

It's all quotes, anyway, and it all sounds the same to me.

Tags: Anyway, Quotes  ✍ Author: Steve Carlton

For me, a hearty 'belly laugh' is one of the beautiful sounds in the world.

Tags: Beautiful, Laugh  ✍ Author: Bennett Cerf

But Contra la Puerta was done mostly in the opposite way, starting with sounds and melodies.

Tags: Done, Starting  ✍ Author: Jerry Coleman

Brute animals have the vowel sounds; man only can utter consonants.

Tags: Brute, Utter  ✍ Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The sound of the orchestra is one of the most magnificent musical sounds that has ever existed.

Tags: Musical, Sound  ✍ Author: Chick Corea

I don't really think of my essays as being about myself. I know it sounds insane, but I just don't think of them as a memoir. They're essays; they're not an autobiography.

Tags: Essays, Insane  ✍ Author: Sloane Crosley

His venture sounds like a banana peel awaiting its victim.

Tags: Banana, Victim  ✍ Author: Charlotte Curtis

Nothing ever sounds quite the way it does when you're standing right in the middle of it.

Tags: Middle, Quite  ✍ Author: Marvin Davis

But I've never considered myself any kind of heartthrob. It sounds painful.

Tags: Heartthrob, Painful  ✍ Author: Gavin DeGraw

Music is the arithmetic of sounds as optics is the geometry of light.

Tags: Light, Music  ✍ Author: Claude Debussy

Mom always tells me to celebrate everyone's uniqueness. I like the way that sounds.

Tags: Everyone, Mom  ✍ Author: Hilary Duff

I take sounds and change them into words.

Tags: Change, Words  ✍ Author: Brian Eno

If I had a stock of fabulous sounds I would just always use them. I wouldn't bother to find new ones.

Tags: Bother, Fabulous  ✍ Author: Brian Eno

Someone at Disney heard one of the records and called me in to do the sounds of Lucifer the Cat in Cinderella.

Tags: Heard, Someone  ✍ Author: June Foray

The third time you say a thing it sounds like a lie.

Tags: Lie, Time  ✍ Author: Harrison Ford

Male and female gossip also sounds different, as women use more animated tones, more detail and more feedback.

Tags: Gossip, Women  ✍ Author: Jorja Fox

I don't care much about music. What I like is sounds.

Tags: Care, Music  ✍ Author: Dizzy Gillespie

You know, it sounds corny, but I believe in myself. And I work hard.

Tags: Hard, Work  ✍ Author: Arthur Godfrey

Music is a reservoir... of sounds.

Tags: Music, Reservoir  ✍ Author: Dexter Gordon

Ummm... well, the only thing I want to do is stuff with people who care about what they're doing, which sounds obvious, but it's really not.

Tags: Care, Stuff  ✍ Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Warp was important to Thom about two years ago when he was looking for different sounds.

Tags: Looking, Warp  ✍ Author: Colin Greenwood

Traveling all around the world, music sounds different.

Tags: Music, Traveling  ✍ Author: David Guetta

I love horns, and the bigger the band, the better it sounds to my ear.

Tags: Band, Love  ✍ Author: Levon Helm

It's not about retro or modern, it's about this note or that note, which sounds better?

Tags: Modern, Retro  ✍ Author: Bill Hicks

The human voice sounds thicker with a chorus and reverb than a dry signal.

Tags: Human, Voice  ✍ Author: Ken Hill

Chicago sounds rough to the maker of verse. One comfort we have - Cincinnati sounds worse.

Tags: Comfort, Worse  ✍ Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes

Independent minded girls that are naked sounds like a great start to something.

Tags: Great, Start  ✍ Author: Joshua Homme

Generally, I've got to say that all sounds, musics, noises since conception are bound to have influenced me.

Tags: Bound, Since  ✍ Author: Hugh Hopper

In almost the same way you know what your grandmother looks and sounds like, you know what Bruce Willis looks and sounds like.

Tags: Almost, Looks  ✍ Author: Rian Johnson

If I play anything that sounds like a solo, it's gonna sound like a lyric.

Tags: Gonna, Sound  ✍ Author: Adam Jones

People say that the Beavis voice doesn't sound like me or some other voices. Butt-Head I think sounds like me.

Tags: Sound, Voice  ✍ Author: Mike Judge

It sounds corny, but I never have avoided the challenges - I relish them - I think it's what make me tick, to a certain extent.

Tags: Challenges, Corny  ✍ Author: Raymond Kelly

There are so many sounds I still want to make, so many things I haven't yet done.

Tags: Done  ✍ Author: B. B. King

It sounds so trite but in relationships, you have to communicate.

Tags: Communication, Trite  ✍ Author: Peter Krause

I start by using Chinese and many of the sounds of other languages are similar.

Tags: Start, Using  ✍ Author: Andy Lau

It sounds like something on a very trite T-shirt, but life is what happens.

Tags: Happens, Life  ✍ Author: Nigella Lawson

To be with the same person for the rest of your life just sounds so drab.

Tags: Life, Rest  ✍ Author: Eva Longoria

You can say that Wayne Coyne sounds like Neil Young.

Tags: Neil, Young  ✍ Author: Mike Lowry

There's a lot of music that sounds like it's literally computer-generated, totally divorced from a guy sitting down at an instrument.

Tags: Guy, Music  ✍ Author: Aimee Mann

You can get so many sounds out of one record. Every record can be used in some way.

Tags: Used  ✍ Author: Christian Marclay

I know how ridiculous this sounds because of the job I do but I don't believe in romanticism and make-believe.

Tags: Job, Ridiculous  ✍ Author: Laura Marling

Hawaii is paradise. It sounds cheesy to say it, but there's music in the air there.

Tags: Air, Music  ✍ Author: Bruno Mars

Well rounded forms gives smooth sounds; sharper or angular forms give harder and harsher sounds.

Tags: Give, Harder  ✍ Author: Norman McLaren

To me, a 'brand' sounds evil.

Tags: Brand, Evil  ✍ Author: Steven Moffat

I got tired of different drum sounds so you buy different effects for more manipulation.

Tags: Drum, Tired  ✍ Author: Erin Morgenstern

Hip Nip just sounds groovy. A drummer laid it on me.

Tags: Drummer, Laid  ✍ Author: Pat Morita

My advice to all interviewers is: Shut up and listen. It's harder than it sounds.

Tags: Advice, Listen  ✍ Author: Errol Morris

I always like earthy, authentic sounds.

Tags: Authentic  ✍ Author: Nneka

It sounds deeply shallow, but for brief spells every member of the public can be fascinating.

Tags: Public, Shallow  ✍ Author: Graham Norton

Well, every now and then I would hear the preposterous notion that that Jane Pauley sounds like Barbara Walters. Like I could if I tried?

Tags: Hear, Tried  ✍ Author: Jane Pauley

I know it sounds crazy, but you've got to let what you're going to do find you, rather than you pursuing it.

Tags: Crazy, Rather  ✍ Author: Tom Peters

We are visual creatures. Visual things stay put, whereas sounds fade.

Tags: Put, Stay  ✍ Author: Steven Pinker

Things tend to come when they are meant to come. I know that sounds kind of like spiritual and cheesy, but I think things come when they're meant to come.

Tags: Meant, Spiritual  ✍ Author: Martha Plimpton

You got to play the flute as a flute, like that. You can't play like a tenor concept on soprano; it sounds wrong. But some guys do it, and they think it's O.K., but not so!

Tags: Guys, Wrong  ✍ Author: Jerome Richardson

Sometimes when I read about my rebellion in print it sounds a little overrated.

Tags: Read, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Elisabeth Shue

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