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Don Dokken's Profile

Brief about Don Dokken: By info that we know Don Dokken was born at 1953-06-29. And also Don Dokken is German Musician.

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Drugs, alcohol and ego. They are a bad mix.

Tags: Alcohol, Bad, Ego

I am not in competition with my peers; I am in competition with myself.

Tags: Peers

Honest, I listen to classical mostly. It keeps my mind fresh to write rock songs.

Tags: Honest, Mind, Rock

I don't own an iPod!

Tags: Ipod

Peter Baltes was the best bassist I ever played with.

Tags: Bassist, Best, Played

If I never sang on a record again I can still look at my walls. They are covered floor to ceiling with gold and platinum records from all over the world.

Tags: Again, Gold, Records