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If the Police could do a reunion... One of the biggest jerks I ever met was Sting. If he can do it, then anyone can do it. It's not that big a deal. And the Eagles! They did it! They severely hated each other. It's just rock and roll.

Tags: Anyone, Big  ✍ Author: Steven Adler

It's only rock and roll, my god! It's not rocket science.

Tags: God, Science  ✍ Author: Steven Adler

Every 15, 20, 25 years, a new rock and roll record needs to come out and a new rock and roll band needs to come out.

Tags: Band, Needs  ✍ Author: Steven Adler

I'm not gonna be a slave. I'm a rock n' roller.

Tags: Gonna, Slave  ✍ Author: Steven Adler

One thing about Texas people, they're very passionate about their Rock N' Roll, and I love it.

Tags: Love, Texas  ✍ Author: Steven Adler

GN'R was five guys who were all into different things. I liked pop and disco, Izzy was into New York rock, Slash loved Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, Axl was into Genesis and Elton John, and Duff was a punk rocker. We all blended that stuff together.

Tags: Loved, Together  ✍ Author: Steven Adler

I really don't spend any time on the Internet, so I guess I live a little under a rock in that respect.

Tags: Respect, Time  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.

Tags: Brainy, Stand  ✍ Author: Thomas Jefferson

It is easy for me to go play a rock show, I have been doing that all my life and I love that.

Tags: Life, Love  ✍ Author: Sebastian Bach

Maybe if they start playing new rock bands videos, then maybe but there is no point in a guy like me spending 250 grand for a video that no one is ever going to see.

Tags: Point, Start  ✍ Author: Sebastian Bach

America gets rock stars a little more than Canada does.

Tags: America, Stars  ✍ Author: Sebastian Bach

I don't understand the mentality of a rock fan, being obsessed with two or three songs from 25 years ago. I'm not that kind of a fan.

Tags: Three, Understand  ✍ Author: Sebastian Bach

The local music community here was dying for a place to record, so we started doing acoustic, folk and bluegrass and then did rock projects for other bands, as well as for my son Tal and my own work.

Tags: Music, Work  ✍ Author: Randy Bachman

You don't need a uniform color: We used a mixture of brick red, browns and grays, and then threw in seashells, branches and various types of rock, so our walls ended up looking like cave paintings!

Tags: Looking, Used  ✍ Author: Randy Bachman

I'd rather play jazz, I hate rock and roll.

Tags: Hate, Rather  ✍ Author: Ginger Baker

Success begets success. I've been offered a lot of movies now that '30 Rock' has been successful.

Tags: Movies, Success  ✍ Author: Alec Baldwin

When you become famous, you start getting invites to parties where there are famous athletes and famous rock stars, politicians, people who have tremendous power and affluence. It's not in my DNA, but certainly I have been exposed to it.

Tags: Famous, Power  ✍ Author: Billy Baldwin

I always figure hey, look, I'm not a rock star, I'm an actor. I'm somebody who's meant to be other people and I'm not meant to be here representing myself. I'm happier when I'm presenting myself as other characters.

Tags: Actor, Here  ✍ Author: Christian Bale

I can't even picture being without rock 'n'roll.

Tags: Picture, Roll  ✍ Author: Hank Ballard

Rock 'n' roll is good for the soul, for the well being, for the psyche, for your everything. I love it.

Tags: Good, Love  ✍ Author: Hank Ballard

Actually freestyle really comes from 'Planet Rock'. If you listen to all the freestyle records you'll hear that they are based on 'Planet Rock'. All the Miami Bass records are based upon Planet Rock.

Tags: Actually, Listen  ✍ Author: Afrika Bambaataa

There's a lot of people over time who have brought out all these funky records that everybody has started jumping on like a catch phrase... When Planet Rock came out, then you had all of the electro funk records.

Tags: Everybody, Time  ✍ Author: Afrika Bambaataa

Or like in the early 70's when we had the reaction against acid rock and all the fuzz tone, and feedback, and the noise. And you had James Taylor and everyone went acoustic and that.

Tags: Against, Everyone  ✍ Author: Lester Bangs

I play Rock Band, which is Guitar Hero times ten. You can play with four people, so when you have parties, you have a real band. Nobody ever wants to sing, so I'm always the one throwing down on the mic.

Tags: Hero, Real  ✍ Author: Elizabeth Banks

I wanted to make an image for myself as an outlaw type. A kind of rock 'n' roll sensibility.

Tags: Image, Wanted  ✍ Author: John Cage
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A lot of the physical flirtation with fear I did early on in my career, when I was a much younger person - stuff I wouldn't do now. But I was very interested in the mechanics of risk and fear in those days. And I found out fear pretty much always feels the same, whether it's doing a rock climb or speaking in front of an audience.

Tags: Career, Fear  ✍ Author: James Cagney

We're a gumbo of American music, and aren't ashamed to play pop or soul or rock because we all grew up on radio.

Tags: Music, Soul  ✍ Author: Jonathan Cain

It's a terrible thing to go through life thinking that you have a rock on your side when you haven't.

Tags: Life, Thinking  ✍ Author: Maria Callas

Joining another big time rock band was the last thing I was looking for, but as the tour went on, I really dug playing to a lot of people, the band sounded great, and just being out there again, got me over my depression and so I decided to hop on board.

Tags: Great, Time  ✍ Author: Matt Cameron

I think everybody wants to be a rock star.

Tags: Everybody, Star  ✍ Author: Anna Camp

Def Leppard is a rock band that can sing.

Tags: Band, Sing  ✍ Author: Vivian Campbell

If there is any justice in the world, then eighties rock will never again serve to blight humanity as it did in that dark decade!

Tags: Humanity, Justice  ✍ Author: Vivian Campbell

The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight. They had thought with some reason that there is no more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor.

Tags: Reason, Thought  ✍ Author: Albert Camus

Not many shows bring fans and artists together, and 'Rock Dinner' is one of the few shows that does it. Every opportunity I get to get closer to one of my fans - and get to know them and talk to them - I'm always going to take that opportunity with arms wide open and make it a priority.

Tags: Talk, Together  ✍ Author: Jencarlos Canela

Punk is musical freedom. It's saying, doing and playing what you want. In Webster's terms, 'nirvana' means freedom from pain, suffering and the external world, and that's pretty close to my definition of Punk Rock.

Tags: Freedom, Pain  ✍ Author: Kurt Cobain

If it's illegal to rock and roll, throw my ass in jail!

Tags: Jail, Throw  ✍ Author: Kurt Cobain

The man who rows the boat seldom has time to rock it.

Tags: Boat, Time  ✍ Author: Bill Copeland

I think it would be a lot easier if I said, 'I feel like a dude,' but I was raised by a southern mom, so I know how to put on lipstick and walk in heels and rock that look. It's exactly that juxtaposition that confuses people.

Tags: Mom, Put  ✍ Author: Saskia de Brauw

Every generation of rock musician will understand that we wouldn't be anywhere without the support of teenagers buying the records.

Tags: Support, Understand  ✍ Author: Roger Daltrey

Fifty per cent of rock is having a good time.

Tags: Good, Time  ✍ Author: Roger Daltrey

I don't have any illusions anymore. The illusion that rock 'n' roll could change anything - I don't believe that. I've changed.

Tags: Change, Illusion  ✍ Author: Roger Daltrey

I do California casual a little bit better than really small European cut, tight apparel But I can rock some Gucci when I need to. I say this as I'm wearing Adidas sweatpants and a ten-year-old Chrome Hearts T-shirt.

Tags: Bit, Small  ✍ Author: Carson Daly

Business people have been made into these rock stars because they've made a lot of money.

Tags: Business, Money  ✍ Author: James Daly

Rock stars are incredibly energizing to me.

Tags: Energizing, Stars  ✍ Author: James Daly

The best rock musicians are the most exciting people in the world.

Tags: Best, Musicians  ✍ Author: James Daly

You know, technology CEOs like to think of themselves as rock 'n roll stars.

Tags: Stars, Technology  ✍ Author: James Daly

See, to me, rock'n'roll doesn't have any point. It's just fun. It has a million different angles and they're all valid. But I think rock might be a world issue.

Tags: Fun, Point  ✍ Author: Evan Dando

I have to make rock records occasionally.

Tags: Records  ✍ Author: Evan Dando

Rock stars wanting to write is even worse than wanting to act in movies, right?

Tags: Movies, Stars  ✍ Author: Evan Dando

I was more influenced by players like Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen than by the guys in southern rock bands.

Tags: Guys, Players  ✍ Author: Dimebag Darrell

Good rock music always tends to be around.

Tags: Good, Music  ✍ Author: Dave Davies

I've never been good at rock'n'roll songs, anyway; either I'm blessed or I'm cursed, but whatever I write comes out sounding old.

Tags: Blessed, Good  ✍ Author: Justin Townes Earle

I'm a country singer, and I'm comfortable with that. But why does a country singer have to play only on country radio or a rock singer only on a rock station? I still don't understand why it's that big a deal.

Tags: Country, Understand  ✍ Author: Steve Earle

Few bands in hard rock history have been so adept at balancing the awesome and trivial as Van Halen in their prime.

Tags: Hard, History  ✍ Author: Chuck Eddy

You see, rock and roll isn't a career or hobby - it's a life force. It's something very essential.

Tags: Career, Life  ✍ Author: The Edge

For me, my awkward phase corresponded to an interest in rock n' roll. From experience, I'm guessing an insecure childhood is probably quite a common thing among people who start a rock band.

Tags: Experience, Insecure  ✍ Author: The Edge

Jazz came out of New Orleans, and that was the forerunner of everything. You mix jazz with European rhythms, and that's rock n' roll, really. You can make the argument that it all started on the streets of New Orleans with the jazz funerals.

Tags: Jazz, Started  ✍ Author: The Edge

Music is such a great communicator. It breaks down linguistic barriers, cultural barriers, it basically reaches out. That's when rock n' roll succeeds, and that's what virtuosity is all about.

Tags: Great, Music  ✍ Author: The Edge

To act with a tennis ball and imagine it's a tentacle, or if you're in some kind of wilderness film and you go, 'Okay, we can't have a grizzly bear here, but imagine when you step over the rock there there's a grizzly bear.' I don't know. They're tough moments.

Tags: Here, Tough  ✍ Author: Joel Edgerton

We need to stop saying we can't rock this boat when it needs to be rocked.

Tags: Saying, Stop  ✍ Author: Kenneth Edmonds

You play a 'lowdown dirty shame slow and lonesome, my mama dead, my papa across the sea I ain't dead but I'm just supposed to be' blues. You can take that same blues, make it uptempo, a shuffle blues, that's what rock n' roll did with it. So blues ain't going nowhere. Ain't goin' nowhere.

Tags: Dead, Sea  ✍ Author: David Edwards

People define themselves to some degree by the music that they listened to as teens. My mom had Elvis. Me, I had 'The Who' and later punk rock. Kids who came up in the '80s had other songs and bands. It's a way of placing ourselves culturally and temporally.

Tags: Mom, Music  ✍ Author: Jennifer Egan

I listened to classic rock and roll, and punk rock. 'Goon Squad' provides a pretty accurate playlist of my teenage years, though it leaves out 'The Who,' which was my absolute favorite band.

Tags: Pretty, Though  ✍ Author: Jennifer Egan

A lot of comics aren't their on-screen personas; Chris Rock isn't always ranting and raving. What I do is make myself this over-the-top character that people either find endearing or they think is a joke. Then I can do anything I want.

Tags: Character, Joke  ✍ Author: Billy Eichner

In 'Pacific Rim' I had to have a haircut I wouldn't usually rock. However, the moustache I had in the film - that might have to come out again. It was a good moustache. Good times.

Tags: Again, Good  ✍ Author: Idris Elba

Most writers can write, most rock 'n rollers cannot.

Tags: Cannot, Write  ✍ Author: Andrew Eldritch

I don't find any presidents all that sexy. They're not very rock'n'roll.

Tags: Presidents, Sexy  ✍ Author: Carmen Electra

I like to play video games like 'Rock Band' and 'Guitar Hero.'

Tags: Guitar, Hero  ✍ Author: Carmen Electra

Though the sex to which I belong is considered weak you will nevertheless find me a rock that bends to no wind.

Tags: Sex, Wind  ✍ Author: Elizabeth I

If you truly dig what you are doing, if you lay it out that way, nobody can not respond. That's what rock and roll is; it's relentless.

Tags: Nobody, Truly  ✍ Author: Cass Elliot

In England, rock music very rarely infiltrates the charts, but country music even less so.

Tags: Country, Music  ✍ Author: Joe Elliott

There were incredibly few rock songs making it out to the airwaves until the '80s came along.

Tags: Few, Making  ✍ Author: Joe Elliott

Every town in America had at least one, two, or maybe three radio stations that played rock 24 hours a day. In England, we had a rock specialist on for two hours a week.

Tags: America, Three  ✍ Author: Joe Elliott

We are just fans of music, we are not fans of a specific kind of music. We just happen to be a rock band. Until we explain ourselves, sometimes people don't understand why we limit ourselves to just being a rock band. It's because that is what we like doing.

Tags: Happen, Music  ✍ Author: Joe Elliott

Socialism also brings us up against the hard rock of eugenic fact which, if we neglect it, will dash our most beautiful social construction to fragments.

Tags: Beautiful, Hard  ✍ Author: Havelock Ellis

You know, fame is a funny thing, man, especially, you know, actors, musicians, rappers, rock singers, it's kind of a lifestyle and it's easy to get caught up in it - you go to bars, you go to clubs, everyone's doing a certain thing... It's tough.

Tags: Funny, Tough  ✍ Author: Eminem

The buried talent is the sunken rock on which most lives strike and founder.

Tags: Lives, Talent  ✍ Author: Frederick William Faber

My generation had the best years. We missed the Second World War and caught the outburst of rock 'n' roll.

Tags: Best, War  ✍ Author: Georgie Fame

Some people think I'm a rock 'n' roll musician and some think I'm a jazz musician but, for me, there is no difference.

Tags: Difference, Jazz  ✍ Author: Georgie Fame

If I had my way, I would have sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll at least 4-6 hours a day. So long as there are going to be things in the way of that, we're going to have a revolution.

Tags: Revolution, Sex  ✍ Author: Perry Farrell

I write contemporary rock with Jane's. And I also write house music with people like Kascade.

Tags: Music, Write  ✍ Author: Perry Farrell

I really like all music, but mostly Country, older R&B, and the good classic rock.

Tags: Good, Music  ✍ Author: Brett Favre

I want to do rock operas.

Tags: Operas  ✍ Author: Corey Feldman

They wanted to start recording rock 'n roll, and thought I had the right voice.

Tags: Thought, Wanted  ✍ Author: Freddy Fender

There are so many different people that I've emulated vocally. In the rock world - Sebastian Bach, Vince Neil, Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant. They all had amazing vocal talent.

Tags: Amazing, Talent  ✍ Author: Rio Ferdinand

I wanted to be a rock star.

Tags: Star, Wanted  ✍ Author: Craig Ferguson

I think that clearly it has an influence, to be coming of age during the punk rock era, to come from a difficult and sporadically violent background, to have been in and out of such chaos, I think it actually helps. But I don't know for sure.

Tags: Age, Difficult  ✍ Author: Craig Ferguson

My existence is about making movies, so I've just got to rock and roll with the punches. You want to make movies on telephones, I'm there.

Tags: Making, Movies  ✍ Author: Abel Ferrara

I didn't go out shooting for anybody in particular because I shot for everybody unparticular. I make records for Muslims, Christians, rock 'n roll kids, skateboard kids.

Tags: Everybody, Kids  ✍ Author: Lupe Fiasco

I don't really get the same kinda romance that I would get from, like, jazz. And even to a lesser extent to rock 'n roll. Rock 'n roll has a romance to it - how can I put it? A very vulgar romance, but still a romance; whereas hip hop has more facade.

Tags: Jazz, Put  ✍ Author: Lupe Fiasco

Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock.

Tags: Angry, Time  ✍ Author: Sigmund Freud

Rock and roll stars have it much better than writers when they're on a tour.

Tags: Stars, Writers  ✍ Author: Neil Gaiman

My son ain't going to be miserable because he's going to be the child of a rock star, the end.

Tags: End, Son  ✍ Author: Noel Gallagher

Rock n' roll to me is all about freedom of thought and to be whatever you want to be.

Tags: Freedom, Thought  ✍ Author: Noel Gallagher

Rock stardom will die because nobody will make enough money any more to be rock stars.

Tags: Enough, Money  ✍ Author: Noel Gallagher

There's enough music in the world. There are enough rock stars.

Tags: Enough, Music  ✍ Author: Noel Gallagher

When Paul and I were first friends, starting in the sixth grade and seventh grade, we would sing a little together and we would make up radio shows and become disc jockeys on our home wire recorder. And then came rock and roll.

Tags: Home, Together  ✍ Author: Art Garfunkel

I have always believed that there is nothing greater than a life in rock n' roll - it has to be good rock n' roll - and I still think it is true.

Tags: Good, Life  ✍ Author: Atul Gawande

It was the era of Tab Hunter and Rock Hudson; they all had a certain look.

Tags: Era, Hunter  ✍ Author: Taylor Hackford

I'm John Lee Hooker in the sense that he was a blues man and he played blues his whole life. I'm a rock guy and I'm going to play rock music my whole life.

Tags: Life, Music  ✍ Author: Sammy Hagar
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