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Heather Mills's Profile

Brief about Heather Mills: By info that we know Heather Mills was born at 1968-01-12. And also Heather Mills is British Activist.

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I'm not telling people to go vegan overnight.

Tags: Overnight, Telling, Vegan

I've always gone out with men who wanted a cook all the time.

Tags: Men, Time, Wanted

I've done sport for a long time.

Tags: Done, Time

I've had, you know, my leg chopped off.

Tags: Chopped, Leg, Off

If I was a gold-digger, I would have a lot of money in my bank account. I'd be worth millions and millions.

Tags: Bank, Money, Worth

If you wear short skirts you get your femininity back.

Tags: Femininity, Short, Wear

In England, people don't like me.

Tags: England

It took one human error to take my leg and one human error to take my mother's.

Tags: Human, Mother, Took

It's very important with an artificial leg that all high heels are exactly the same height.

Tags: Heels, Height, High

Luckily I'm a quick healer.

Tags: Healer, Luckily, Quick

My personal view is that until there is a disincentive to write lies and abusive comments it's going to continue.

Tags: Personal, Until, Write

Nobody is on the Paralympic Team until three months before those games.

Tags: Team, Three, Until

The hardest thing for me is walking. Can you imagine you've got a metal pole and if you put pressure on it like a strong walk, you can walk.

Tags: Put, Strong, Walk

The overcoming of adversity and, ultimately, denying it the rite of passage, has been a constant and perpetual motive throughout my life.

Tags: Adversity, Life, Overcoming

The police came to me to say I had death threats and that I had to be careful!

Tags: Careful, Death, Police

There are many other kinds of milk available. Why don't we try drinking rats' milk and dogs' milk?

Tags: Kinds, Try, Why

There have been loads of times I have regretted meeting Paul because I was so happy in my old life.

Tags: Happy, Life, Old

There is a huge agenda behind trying to destroy me and put me down.

Tags: Behind, Put, Trying

What did the paparazzi do to Diana? They chased her and they killed her.

Tags: Diana, Her, Paparazzi

What I've been developing is a vegan fast food chain and vegan food markets.

Tags: Chain, Fast, Food

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