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Kevin McHale's Profile

Brief about Kevin McHale: By info that we know Kevin McHale was born at 1988-06-14. And also Kevin McHale is American Actor.

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I am up for anything, but my favorite show in the whole world is this English series, 'Skins.' It would be awesome to be able to go on that somehow.

Tags: Able, Awesome, Whole

I sang before I acted, but I always wanted to do them simultaneously.

Tags: Sang, Wanted

I would love to do film someday, but I think we are all so happily in tune with 'Glee' that we are sticking with that right now.

Tags: Film, Love, Someday

I'm scared to see myself in 3D.

Tags: Scared

James Morrison just had a new album come out and I think he's incredible. I'd love to work with him, his voice is insane.

Tags: Him, Love, Work

People aren't paying to see the Kevin McHale show, they're paying to see the cast of 'Glee.'

Tags: Cast, Kevin, Show

'Talk to me,' it's what you say to someone to let them know you're there. Just three simple words. But saying them out loud could help save a life.

Tags: Help, Life, Simple

Adaptability is crucial to working on Glee because every day is adapting to something. Because we're doing a different genre of music, doing a different type of scene with a different scene partner, recording and dance rehearsals... no day is like another.

Tags: Another, Music, Working

I have a sweet tooth problem. On tour, in catering, the dessert was always so good. When we started the tour I was in the best shape of my life, but by the end of it I was horrible.

Tags: Best, Good, Life

I love chocolate mousse, that's probably my favorite. I'm a big strawberry shortcake fan as well. I'm not mad at classic vanilla either. I'm not, I'm not sure what the word is. Cake discriminatory? Cakeist?

Tags: Big, Love, Mad

In San Paulo I went to the movies and by the time I left the theater there was a mob at the exit. I had never been in that kind of situation when we weren't on tour and there was a whole bunch of security. I'm a little dude, and out of nowhere to have 50 or 60 people come running towards me when I'm jut with my friend, it was kind of scary.

Tags: Friend, Movies, Time

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