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Laurie Simmons's Profile

Brief about Laurie Simmons: By info that we know Laurie Simmons was born at 1949-10-03. And also Laurie Simmons is American Artist.

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I'm innately conservative, and painting is an ideal place to exercise a progressive conservatism. I operate well within limits.

Tags: Painting, Place, Within

My favourite thing is to discover what someone does well and say, 'Do that for me.'

Tags: Discover, Favourite, Someone

We don't have real hours and we don't have a boss, so artists create rules for themselves that they then break. It's transgressive in such a personal way.

Tags: Personal, Real, Themselves

When I was in art school, there was a stigma attached to coming from comfortable suburbia. If you were from Great Neck, Long Island, you couldn't be a 'real artist', so I found crafty ways of implying that I was from New York.

Tags: Art, Great, School
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