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Len Goodman's Profile

Brief about Len Goodman: By info that we know Len Goodman was born at 1944-04-25. And also Len Goodman is British Dancer.

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Children give life a reason to be - they make life.

Tags: Children, Give, Life

I always think of a show like a plant - a little pruning now and then keeps it healthy, but you shouldn't pull it out and chop the roots up.

Tags: Healthy, Roots, Show

I am a little bit of a softie, yes. Actually I don't think it's softness, I think it's kindness.

Tags: Actually, Bit, Kindness

I am good in bed - I don't snore. I don't take the duvet. I just lay there and go straight off to sleep. That's all you want out of a bloke.

Tags: Good, Off, Sleep

I can't do most things, if I'm honest, but cooking I definitely can't do.

Tags: Cooking, Definitely, Honest

I haven't danced since 1973; I'm too old.

Tags: Danced, Old, Since

I won't eat anything I can't spell or wouldn't tread in.

Tags: Eat, Spell, Won

I'm a technophobe. I can't crack the iPhone, and the extent of my multitasking is being able to talk while I make a drink.

Tags: Able, Talk, While

I'm passionate about old people because I am one myself.

Tags: Old, Passionate

I've got a great life. It's a shame the work gets in the way of the golf, really.

Tags: Great, Life, Work

Life is precious and relationships are precious. I'm a great believer in family.

Tags: Family, Great, Life

Obviously you can't please everyone. I'm sure some people say, 'Bloody old Len Goodman gets on my nerves.'

Tags: Everyone, Old, Sure

The thing with children is they're a bit like baking a fruitcake: you throw all the ingredients in but you never know how they're going to turn out.

Tags: Bit, Children, Turn

The truth is, I've been lucky. But just like the waltz, life has its own rhythm of rise and fall.

Tags: Fall, Life, Truth

There are no gentlemen in anything competitive - you want to win.

Tags: Gentlemen, Win

You have to speak your mind, but without being cruel.

Tags: Cruel, Mind, Speak

As you get older, things conk out. It's a bit like a car. As long as it's something the mechanics can fix, you can chug on for a few more thousand miles.

Tags: Car, Few, Older

I always tell the adults at my dance school, 'Men, you are going to have to do something that you are absolutely not used to: you have got to take command and be the boss.' Because - and this is just an observation - women get their way.

Tags: Men, School, Women

I come from a broken home. My parents split up when I was nine. Everyone gave me a good wallop. But I come from a time when you just put up with that, you got on with things rather than sitting moaning about them.

Tags: Good, Home, Time

I get so annoyed at people not looking after their parents. The deal is when we are growing up they look after us and as they grow older we look after them. That's the deal.

Tags: After, Looking, Parents