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Martin Starr's Profile

Brief about Martin Starr: By info that we know Martin Starr was born at 1982-07-30. And also Martin Starr is American Actor.

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Every day's a blessing, right? It's all in your control.

Tags: Blessing, Control

I love to work with people and do what I love.

Tags: Love, Work

I love working with my friends.

Tags: Friends, Love, Working

I'm not one of those guys that's a purist when it comes to videogames.

Tags: Guys, Videogames

I feel like there are things I can relate to in every character. But I feel like when you read a script, you don't get to see the definition behind someone, you just get to read what the person goes through and find a place to come from to make it real.

Tags: Character, Real, Someone