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Ralph Steadman's Profile

Brief about Ralph Steadman: By info that we know Ralph Steadman was born at 1936-05-15. And also Ralph Steadman is British Cartoonist.

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Evil is always devising more corrosive misery through man's restless need to exact revenge out of his hate.

Tags: Evil, Hate, Revenge

Moral authority has been laid to rest, world opinion is no more than a game show and the difference between good and evil is about as relevant as changing channels.

Tags: Evil, Game, Good

I get my best ideas in a thunderstorm. I have the power and majesty of nature on my side.

Tags: Best, Nature, Power

Suspicion and doubt lead to animosity and hatred.

Tags: Doubt, Hatred, Lead

God invented mankind because he loved silly stories.

Tags: God, Loved, Silly

It makes me so desperately sad to witness just how unforgivably wretched our world has become.

Tags: Become, Makes, Sad

You know, we're really destroying ourselves because we're really making the motivating force of anything we do selfish.

Tags: Making, Ourselves, Selfish

Business should never be allowed to justify mean, thug ugly deals for any reason.

Tags: Business, Mean, Reason

You see that's what I think is such a terrible, terrible betrayal, the trust that people have in government.

Tags: Betrayal, Government, Trust

Governments are not running the show anymore. Scumbag Entrepreneurs are, and they have a harsh and ruthless agenda.

Tags: Anymore, Running, Show

I am an artist and have no right buggering about with verbs and split infinitives, which is what being a writer says to me.

Tags: Artist, Says, Writer

I have even written a book about Wine called The Grapes of Ralph.

Tags: Book, Wine, Written

I see if I can make human beings look like reptiles.

Tags: Beings, Human

I've done the Rolling Stones eating each other.

Tags: Done, Eating, Stones

Isolationism is over.

Tags: Feeling, Good, Help

Man has an innate capacity for violence, but can only justify it in the name of justice.

Tags: Justice, Name, Violence

Man's idea of God, and a God's collusion, is an essential part of the equation to wage war.

Tags: God, Idea, War

The kids are not brought up to have minds of their own as individuals.

Tags: Brought, Kids, Minds

There is no truly global justice.

Tags: Global, Justice, Truly

We seem to think we have some control over this planet.

Tags: Control, Planet, Seem
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