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Michael McKean's Profile

Brief about Michael McKean: By info that we know Michael McKean was born at 1947-10-17. And also Michael McKean is American Actor.

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Some people stay in the academic world just to avoid becoming self-aware. You can quote me on that.

Tags: Avoid, Becoming, Stay

I think you have everyone kind of pulling on the same end of the rope. It's not like you're Robin Williams and everyone else is a deaf mute. It's like - there's plenty of help.

Tags: Else, End, Help

Even when there are banalities, they're usually kind of benign banalities.

Tags: Benign

I'm all over the place. As you may have seen from the credits, I write with everybody.

Tags: May, Place, Write

I'm kind of the town pump. I think I have a pretty good ear for what sounds good in this style.

Tags: Good, Pretty, Style

That's a job that it makes a few friendships, but it probably breaks more.

Tags: Few, Job, Makes

They were kind of like little Stephen King stories... but these go back many hundreds of years.

Tags: King, Stories

When we can figure out a way to really tour and make a profit, then we'll do it again.

Tags: Again, Figure, Tour

You know, I think it's one of those cases where the situation really does dictate your level of ridicule.

Tags: Level, Ridicule, Situation

I made some friends who are still friends, and this is the city of my birth. I love living here when there's a reason to, other than just moving here. I still don't like the winters here, but it's an amazing city and I love it.

Tags: Amazing, Love, Moving

Sometimes we drop in and do an acoustic set somewhere, and that's really fun to take all these insanely loud songs, and to do them quiet. It's really a sight to see... or to hear!

Tags: Fun, Quiet, Sometimes

The process depends on the situation, and I don't think there are any two songs that have gone exactly the same way... well, actually, that's not true.

Tags: Actually, Situation, True

Classical design is a mirror of the human mind. It's how we see the world.

Tags: Design, Human, Mind

I cannot be a character in a bad movie. I can't be.

Tags: Bad, Cannot, Character

Oh, by the way, I tend to use a lot of profanities. I do that for a reason: I like it.

Tags: Oh, Reason, Tend

Aristotle said time is a measure of change, and this movie is about changing in time, through time, while remaining the same person. That's a philosophical paradox and a moral dilemma. But 'Casablanca' says it's possible. You can have both. That's what it means. And that's my wish for you: that you would have both.

Tags: Change, Time, Wish

The students realize that it's their life I'm talking about: it's out of balance, they're struggling to put it into balance. How are they going to do it?

Tags: Balance, Life, Put
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