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Danica McKellar's Profile

Brief about Danica McKellar: By info that we know Danica McKellar was born at 1975-01-03. And also Danica McKellar is American Actress.

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If you're beautiful, you're led to believe that you can't also be smart.

Tags: Beautiful, Led, Smart

Math proficiency is the gateway to a number of incredible careers that students may never have considered.

Tags: May, Number, Students

If a guy is skilled at anything, that's attractive. There's something very primal about that and, sure, it can be as simple as figuring out the tip quickly. It's really cool when a guy tips 20 percent quickly and effortlessly so that when the check comes, he opens it and signs his name and done.

Tags: Cool, Done, Simple

My message is: You don't have to give up being popular, fun, or fashionable in order to be smart; they can go hand and hand. Doing math is a great way to exercise your brain; being smart is going to make you more powerful in life.

Tags: Great, Life, Smart

When girls are asking themselves 'Who am I?' for the first time and they hear all this bad PR about math, they think, 'Well, whoever I am, I'm not somebody who likes math.'

Tags: Bad, Themselves, Time

Acting is my first love, and that's my main career, it really is.

Tags: Acting, Career, Love

At the risk of being forgotten completely by the media, I went to college and pursued a passion that had nothing to do with acting: mathematics.

Tags: Acting, College, Passion

I am definitely a serial monogamist. I can count on one hand the number of guys I've been with.

Tags: Guys, Hand, Number

I exercise at home - light cardio and yoga.

Tags: Exercise, Home, Light

I feel blessed to be having a really easy pregnancy.

Tags: Blessed, Easy, Pregnancy

I just love math and most people don't.

Tags: Love, Math

I learned my French through school. I was lucky in that the tutor on 'The Wonder Years' set spoke fluent French.

Tags: Learned, Lucky, School

I played Winnie Cooper on 'The Wonder Years' from ages 12-18, and did a few other movies during some of the summers.

Tags: Few, Movies, Wonder

I was born in San Diego, and we moved to Los Angeles when I was seven. A couple of years later, I started acting!

Tags: Acting, Born, Started

I'll admit that I do quite like drinks that come in coconut shells. So there's always that.

Tags: Admit, Drinks, Quite

I've been just eating very healthy, all organic, no sugar, white flour, nothing artificial. I'm being so incredibly strict... not a lot of meat!

Tags: Eating, Healthy, White

I've done a little directing, but I love acting more.

Tags: Acting, Done, Love

It delights me that I don't fit the stereotype of an actress.

Tags: Actress, Fit, Stereotype

It's really cool when a guy tips 20 per cent quickly and effortlessly so that when the check comes, he opens it and signs his name and done.

Tags: Cool, Done, Guy

Look at Michelle Pfeiffer: My God, she's 50 years old, but she is still so sexy. If I were into women, I would be totally into her.

Tags: God, Sexy, Women
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