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Natan Sharansky's Profile

Brief about Natan Sharansky: By info that we know Natan Sharansky was born at 1948-01-20. And also Natan Sharansky is Russian Writer.

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People may believe that there can be a society where dissent is not permitted, but which is nonetheless not a fear society because everyone agrees with one another and therefore no one wants to dissent.

Tags: Fear, May, Society

The central premise behind Oslo was that if Arafat were given enough legitimacy, territory, weapons and money, he would use his power to fight terror and make peace with Israel.

Tags: Money, Peace, Power

The three main sources of scepticism are first, that not every people desires freedom; second, that democracy in certain parts of the world would be dangerous; and third, that there is little the world's democracies can do to advance freedom outside their countries.

Tags: Dangerous, Democracy, Freedom

The two most important things that can be done to promote democracy in the world is first, to bring moral clarity back to world affairs and second, to link international policies to the advance of democracy around the globe.

Tags: Democracy, Done, Moral

This scepticism is the same scepticism I heard a generation ago in the USSR when few thought that a democratic transformation behind the iron curtain was possible.

Tags: Few, Possible, Thought

To understand why dictators have a problem with making peace - or at least a genuine peace - the link between the nature of a regime and its external behavior must be understood.

Tags: Nature, Peace, Understand

Unfortunately, little attention was paid to how Arafat ruled. In fact, some saw the harsh and repressive nature of Arafat's regime as actually bolstering the prospects for peace.

Tags: Fact, Nature, Peace

Can someone within that society walk into the town square and say what they want without fear of being punished for his or her views? If so, then that society is a free society. If not, it is a fear society.

Tags: Fear, Society, Someone

Free societies are societies in which the right of dissent is protected.

Tags: Dissent, Free, Societies

The only peace that can be made with a dictator is once that must be based on deterrence. For today, the dictator may be your friend, but tomorrow he will need you as an enemy.

Tags: Enemy, Peace, Today

Non-democratic regimes always need to mobilize their people against external enemies in order to maintain internal stability.

Tags: Against, Order, Stability

Just as the 99% of Soviet citizens who supported the Soviet regime in 1985 was no indication of what the people inside the USSR really thought, the army of true believers that we think we see in the Arab world is an illusion.

Tags: Illusion, Thought, True

When we are unwilling to draw clear moral lines between free societies and fear societies, when we are unwilling to call the former good and the latter evil, we will not be able to advance the cause of peace because peace cannot be disconnected from freedom.

Tags: Freedom, Good, Peace

Believe me, the drug of freedom is universally potent.

Tags: Freedom, Potent

I have no doubt that given a real choice, the vast majority of Muslims and Arabs, like everyone else will choose a free society over a fear society.

Tags: Fear, Real, Society

I was inspired to write this book by those who are sceptical of the power of freedom to change the world.

Tags: Change, Freedom, Power

In contrast, fear societies are societies in which dissent is banned.

Tags: Dissent, Fear, Societies

Japan is not a Western democracy. The Japanese have kept their traditions, culture and heritage, but they have joined the community of free nations.

Tags: Culture, Democracy, Free

Of course, there can be serious injustices within free societies.

Tags: Free, Serious, Within

The message of the free world to any potential Palestinian leadership should be a simple one: Embrace democratic reform and we will embrace you.

Tags: Free, Leadership, Simple
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