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Nico Tortorella's Profile

Brief about Nico Tortorella: By info that we know Nico Tortorella was born at 1988-07-30. And also Nico Tortorella is American Actor.

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I love the consistency of working on television. You don't get that in working on film.

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I remember the 'Scary Movie' series coming out for sure, and I was a big fan of those.

Tags: Big, Remember, Sure

I don't really get nervous in front of people. I kind of walk into every situation like I'm walking in to meet my peers, and they either like me or not.

Tags: Either, Situation, Walk

I went to art school in Chicago for a year at Columbia College. I had this whole master plan of getting into sustainable development and green architecture and construction, so I wanted to go to business school and then get my masters in construction and development.

Tags: Art, Business, School

I worked at the Northlight Theater in Skokie, and the Mercury Theater on South Port. I actually did a show there for three years, called 'Over the Tavern.'

Tags: Actually, Show, Three

I've been acting since I was 8 - I used to play hockey and there was a kids' theatre down the street from my house and one day I just walked in and signed up for auditions for 'The Wizard Of Oz.'

Tags: Acting, Hockey, Kids
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