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Rae Dawn Chong's Profile

Brief about Rae Dawn Chong: By info that we know Rae Dawn Chong was born at 1961-02-28. And also Rae Dawn Chong is American Actress.

Some Rae Dawn Chong's quotes. Goto "Rae Dawn Chong's quotation" section for more.

You can seduce a man without taking anything off, without even touching him.

Tags: Him, Off, Taking

I have a good mind but I don't like to bore anyone with it.

Tags: Anyone, Good, Mind

I think that my script, if it gets used, would be great. But if it doesn't, I think it inspired them.

Tags: Great, Inspired, Used

Unattractive people are more obsessed with looks.

Tags: Looks, Obsessed

My sister and I said, Dad, are you doing to do anything about that? And he mentioned treatments other people sent him that he'd been working on. So we thought it would be kind of cool to give these guys a real script.

Tags: Cool, Dad, Real

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