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Richard D. James's Profile

Brief about Richard D. James: By info that we know Richard D. James was born at 1971-08-18. And also Richard D. James is English Musician.

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I'm a really good hacker, but I'm not a sensible person.

Tags: Good, Hacker, Sensible

The best musicians or sound-artists are people who never considered themselves to be artists or musicians.

Tags: Best, Musicians, Themselves

Well, I just bought a massive bank and I've moved into it on my own.

Tags: Bank, Bought, Moved

Can't really despise people you don't know.

Tags: Despise

I got a feeling I had loads when I was in primary school, 'cause I had red hair; you know, like Duracell.

Tags: Feeling, Hair, School

I used to make up names when I used to catalog my stuff.

Tags: Names, Stuff, Used

It sounds really arrogant, but my music's my favourite music ever. I prefer it to anyone else's.

Tags: Anyone, Else, Music

It started off at a club called Disobey, around the corner from where I live.

Tags: Club, Off, Started

Sometimes I just hit the keyboard in a way I'd like the rhythm of the tracks to sound.

Tags: Hit, Sometimes, Sound

There's a lot of melancholy in my tracks.

Tags: Melancholy, Tracks

It's quite similar to guitar solos, only with programming you have to use your brain. The most important thing is that it should have some emotional effect on me, rather than just, 'Oh, that's really clever.'

Tags: Brain, Emotional, Guitar

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