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Robert E. Sherwood's Profile

Brief about Robert E. Sherwood: By info that we know Robert E. Sherwood was born at 1970-01-01. And also Robert E. Sherwood is American Playwright.

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To be able to write a play a man must be sensitive, imaginative, naive, gullible, passionate; he must be something of an imbecile, something of a poet, something of a liar, something of a damn fool.

Tags: Able, Fool, Liar

We all come from our own little planets. That's why we're all different. That's what makes life interesting.

Tags: Life, Makes, Why

He must be independent and brave, and sure of himself and of the importance of his work, because if he isn't he will never survive the scorching blasts of derision that will probably greet his first efforts.

Tags: Brave, Sure, Work

I believe that with the help of foreign countries - and under that condition only, because they have no other source of financing - the new government may temporarily extricate Georgia from the current situation.

Tags: Government, Help, May

I'm sure that was the right step, even though, formally speaking, it may seem disadvantageous for a president to resign. But, looking into what is happening today and what is going to happen in the future, I think history will show I made the right decision.

Tags: Future, History, Today

Now, the entire world community recognizes Georgia. We are members of the United Nations and the Council of Europe. Everything is being prepared so that we will soon enter the European Union.

Tags: Community, Union, United

They're making a song and dance because that serves their immediate interests. But what will happen tomorrow? They will have to pay salaries and pensions.

Tags: Dance, Happen, Tomorrow

True, other countries are helping us. Germany is determined to provide substantial help. So are the Netherlands and other states. But a day will come when we have to count on our own resources.

Tags: Determined, Help, True

Zhvania was the general secretary of the organisation which I founded, the Citizens' Union. It was the biggest organisation and came first in all elections, and Zhvania was the leader.

Tags: General, Leader, Union

Corruption has its own motivations, and one has to thoroughly study that phenomenon and eliminate the foundations that allow corruption to exist.

Tags: Corruption, Exist, Study

But eradicating corruption is not enough to sustain a country.

Tags: Corruption, Country, Enough

As for myself, I was never against Russia.

Tags: Against, Russia

But we cannot rely on foreign help indefinitely.

Tags: Cannot, Foreign, Help

Even the pyramids might one day disappear, but not the Palestinians longing for their homeland.

Tags: Disappear, Longing, Might

I am not responsible for the actions of Saakashvili and even for those of Gamsakhurdia.

Tags: Actions

I believe politicians should always remain realistic.

Tags: Realistic, Remain

I couldn't stand the idea of bloodshed, casualties.

Tags: Bloodshed, Idea, Stand

I don't plan to return. I have a lot of unresolved things to do.

Tags: Plan, Return, Unresolved

I don't want to go down in history as a man who allowed blood to be shed.

Tags: Allowed, Blood, History

I think my resignation was the only way to avoid bloodshed.

Tags: Avoid, Bloodshed