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Sacha Baron Cohen's Profile

Brief about Sacha Baron Cohen: By info that we know Sacha Baron Cohen was born at 1971-10-13. And also Sacha Baron Cohen is English Comedian.

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I've never really done any interviews as myself.

Tags: Done, Interviews

To single out a particular group and say we can't make a joke about them is almost a form of prejudice and it's kind of patronizing.

Tags: Group, Joke, Single

For a number of years in England nobody had any idea what I looked like.

Tags: Idea, Nobody, Number

I don't know if I'm brave.

Tags: Brave

I enjoyed being anonymous.

Tags: Anonymous, Enjoyed

I think if you come from a history of persecution you have to develop a sense of humour.

Tags: Develop, History, Sense

Jews have a tendency to become comedians.

Tags: Become, Comedians, Jews

Normally in dangerous situations I have a getaway car.

Tags: Car, Dangerous, Situations

Dictators are ludicrous characters, and, you know, in my career and in my life, I've always enjoyed sort of inhabiting these ludicrous, larger-than-life characters that somehow exist in the real world.

Tags: Career, Life, Real

I think I think in the moment. So when I'm in character, I'm in character, and I'm obviously thinking about what's going on around me, but it's easier to do stuff when you're in character.

Tags: Character, Moment, Thinking

I think pulling off, pulling off a kind of fake documentary of me being a, you know, actual dictator would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Tags: Difficult, Fake, Impossible

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