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Scoot McNairy's Profile

Brief about Scoot McNairy: By info that we know Scoot McNairy was born at 1980-11-11. And also Scoot McNairy is American Actor.

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I did theater as a kid, more of an after-school program. But every night I would put on a movie and fall asleep to it.

Tags: Fall, Night, Put

I just want to keep laying down really great, strong characters, and the more I go unrecognized, the better job I feel I'm doing.

Tags: Great, Job, Strong

I've been asked, 'What was your big break?' I don't feel like I've had a big break. It's been a slow, slow break.

Tags: Asked, Big, Break

I've been doing independent films for 10 years, but one out of five didn't see the light of day.

Tags: Films, Five, Light

In no way do I want to draw attention to myself.

Tags: Attention, Draw

To have three movies coming out at the same time - I probably will never have that again in my life.

Tags: Life, Movies, Time

I love L.A. It was an awesome place to spend my 20s, full of creative people, but I never wanted to stay there. It wasn't necessarily Texas that I wanted to move to; I just knew I wanted to live in the country somewhere. My wife and I found this place in Texas that we really liked, so we packed up our stuff and moved.

Tags: Country, Love, Wife

I really love Andrew Dominik's movies. When you work with someone whose movies you really love and who you have a lot of admiration for, you turn into putty in their hands.

Tags: Love, Movies, Work

I want my career to grow gradually. There's still so much for me to learn. I'm just trying to take these opportunities to get better at what I'm doing.

Tags: Career, Learn, Trying

'Stand By Me' was really great for me and my buddies; we'd all watch that together because that was us - we were down in the creek and hanging out every day and going on little adventures. I had about sixteen friends who are all about the same age as me and lived in a three-block radius. We spent our entire childhood down in that creek.

Tags: Age, Great, Together

Commitment is the enemy of resistance, for it is the serious promise to press on, to get up, no matter how many times you are knocked down.

Tags: Enemy, Matter, Serious
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