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Shelley Duvall's Profile

Brief about Shelley Duvall: By info that we know Shelley Duvall was born at 1949-07-07. And also Shelley Duvall is American Actress.

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Bernard and I intend doing a lot with our lives and that includes actively helping other people. But how can we tell you our plans when we haven't finished making them yet?

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I don't know if I was a desirable person, not just physically but emotionally and mentally and intellectually. I still have a long way go and a lot to learn, but I'm on my way, I don't think I'm terribly attractive, but I'm comfortable with my looks.

Tags: Attractive, Learn, Looks

When I'd finished, everybody said they wanted me for this movie. At first I thought they meant a nudie flick since an awful lot of nudies are made in Houston.

Tags: Said, Thought, Wanted

You think he's going to like you better, but then one day you look in the mirror and realize you've changed yourself - physically and emotionally - into a woman who's totally different from the one he was attracted to the first place.

Tags: Place, Woman, Yourself

I'm one of those people who thinks you can have a happy life and still be an artist.

Tags: Artist, Happy, Life

Take events in your life seriously, take work seriously, but don't take yourself seriously, or you'll become affected, pompous and boring.

Tags: Life, Work, Yourself

Pigs are not that dirty. And they're smart, strange little creatures. They just need love.

Tags: Love, Smart, Strange

I'm not afraid of aging.

Tags: Afraid, Age, Aging

In Houston everyone owns guns and uses 'em - sometimes just for the hell of it.

Tags: Everyone, Hell, Sometimes

Making it big in this world is such a rip-off, you gotta keep your head together or it can be totally without meaning.

Tags: Big, Keep, Together

Acting in films hasn't changed me. I feel exactly the same.

Tags: Acting, Changed, Films

But I never let a fantasy get away, because I always stop to analyze it.

Tags: Away, Fantasy, Stop

But most of what I've learned about acting - and a lot of what I've learned about life in the past seven years - was taught to me by Robert Altman.

Tags: Learned, Life, Past

For a while we lived in a tent we'd pitched inside his parents' house and we slept on pillows.

Tags: House, Parents, While

Having been an actress before becoming a producer has helped, because I realize the needs.

Tags: Becoming, Needs, Realize

I felt little awkward about taking one boyfriend to see a film starring another boyfriend.

Tags: Another, Boyfriend, Film

I like to pick my own vegetables.

Tags: Pick, Vegetables

I suppose I learned organization from Altman.

Tags: Learned, Suppose

I was traveling in Europe with Paul and suddenly realized my passport still said I was Mrs. Sampson.

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In school the kids thought I was freaky because I made straight A's and daydreamed a lot.

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