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Stana Katic's Profile

Brief about Stana Katic: By info that we know Stana Katic was born at 1978-04-26. And also Stana Katic is Canadian Actress.

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Maybe I'm naively romantic, but I do believe that spice and excitement doesn't stop once a couple gets together.

Tags: Once, Romantic, Together

I have to believe in the character to perform it.

Tags: Character, Perform

I just enjoy working with really wonderful actors and amazing creative people and I hope to keep doing that, no matter where.

Tags: Amazing, Enjoy, Hope

I was named for my grandmother. It's an evil-eye name, to protect you from bad things.

Tags: Bad, Name, Protect

Men should never marry their muse. It ruins the illusion.

Tags: Illusion, Marry, Men

People ask 'How do you get so eh-ish?' I don't know if it's just because so much of my family still lives in Canada and I finished studies up there.

Tags: Ask, Family, Lives

Um, I think every role, whether in TV or film, has a part in building a career and relationships.

Tags: Career, Film, Whether

I have a lot of brothers. It's easy for me to do physical stuff. I had to survive. I really love it, and I'd love to do more of it. I want to do action films. I want to go and hang off of wires, and jump off of bridges, and hang on bungee cords. I've always really loved it.

Tags: Easy, Love, Off

I love accents; I would love to find more characters with a variety of vocal intonations. It creates a character. It's like you're singing a song. Some people find their character through walking or movement - for me, voice is one of the ways I find parts of the character.

Tags: Character, Love, Song

I read 'Scarlett' recently, and that was a killer comic book. The 'Black Widow' was pretty rockin'. There is a big list of killer chicks that are just rockin'.

Tags: Black, Book, Pretty

I think 'Game of Thrones' was extraordinary. I want to do some period pieces. It would be lovely to tell great stories, that is my main ambition. And to be working with amazing creators.

Tags: Amazing, Game, Great

I try to get away. It's very unusual for me to be in one spot for so many months, which is one of the things I've had to get used to for a television show. I enjoy going on adventures and seeing the planet.

Tags: Away, Enjoy, Try

I will direct one day. I need some more life experience before I feel like I can do something like that comfortably. It'd be a feature, it'd be something maybe that I had in writing as well.

Tags: Experience, Life, Writing

In talking with people that have experienced it, I learned that PTSD is something that a person in a position of authority sometimes thinks they're not supposed to have. They don't always have an avenue to personally address it or even discuss it.

Tags: Learned, Sometimes, Talking

My parents are European immigrants. And I think as Europeans there are so many languages in close proximity that it's part of the culture to try to learn at least one other language. So my parents really encourage it in the house. Chinese would be really great to learn - like Mandarin or Cantonese. Portuguese would be incredible.

Tags: Great, Parents, Try

My parents were European immigrants. They came to the States with $1,500, two suitcases, and me, and they managed to build a business, a family, and a future for their family. They didn't have any of the resources of people who have lived here for two or three generations.

Tags: Business, Family, Future

People in life take on certain stories and say, 'I'm going to be defined by this story and I'm going to live up to every inch of this story.' Sometimes you realize the story isn't fulfilling you and in fact you're not living the life that you're given.

Tags: Life, Living, Sometimes

When I was 16, I was in Boston and some friends said, 'You want to go to New York?,' I went with my roommate... These guys said, 'We're going to this club. Just don't go in the washroom.' It was CBGB. I had no idea what it was or the history of all the music. All I knew was this was my first 21-and-over club and I managed to get in!

Tags: Friends, History, Music
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