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Tabitha Soren's Profile

Brief about Tabitha Soren: By info that we know Tabitha Soren was born at 1967-08-19. And also Tabitha Soren is American Celebrity.

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Gossip is easy, politics is hard.

Tags: Gossip, Hard, Politics

Knowing policy does help make the gossip more understandable.

Tags: Gossip, Help, Knowing

At NBC I wasn't really sure if the grandparents were going to get my sense of humor on a particular topic.

Tags: Humor, Sense, Sure

Caring about policy is important - people in washington forget.

Tags: Caring, Forget, Policy

For the last year I've been at Stanford University as a student and I've had time to read the newspaper.

Tags: Last, Time, Year

I'm surprised and disappointed in American culture.

Tags: American, Culture, Surprised

I've been told I'm a player, but people still don't always return my calls.

Tags: Calls, Player, Return

In the New York Times, you're going to get completely different information than you would in the USA Today.

Tags: Times, Today, York

It's nice to know about something as soon as it happens, and obviously a newspaper can't provide that.

Tags: Happens, Nice, Soon

The constant variety is the most interesting part of my job.

Tags: Constant, Job, Variety

When I was a freelancer, I thought this journalism thing was a racket, and now that I'm where I am now, I know it's a racket.

Tags: Journalism, Racket, Thought

At MTV, although the audience is smaller, I found it more interesting to deliver news to a specific group of people, because my story then did not have to try to be all things to all people.

Tags: Group, Story, Try

At MTV, it's very nice sometimes to be able to be very specific. Specificity really makes a news story interesting because you can color it in that personality.

Tags: Able, Nice, Sometimes

I worked at NBC and MTV for two years, and it was very interesting to see the comparisons of audiences and the way that I would have to present a story to the two different places.

Tags: Present, Story, Worked

If the breaking news event has something to do with young people, specifically with MTV's audience, there was a higher chance that I would actually go cover it with a television camera instead of just write the story myself and read it on the air.

Tags: Chance, Write, Young

If the breaking news story had to do with hard news, politics specifically, I had a lot to do with it. If it had to do with music, Kurt Loder was more involved.

Tags: Hard, Music, Politics

It's not like I just have to go to Washington and go to the White House everyday, and go to the same press conference at 10 in the morning and then be briefed at 4 in the afternoon, and then get a story on at 6.

Tags: Everyday, Morning, Story

Online, you have things like Slate Magazine, which has a lot of commentary and analysis of stories, so it gives you a fuller picture. I would compare that to a news magazine or the New Republic.

Tags: News, Picture, Stories

Some of those stories in local newspapers are just as dull and boring as the stories that I get from on-line services, which are basically sort of straight news.

Tags: Boring, News, Stories

You have a specific, defined audience-at MTV, they assume the audience to the news is 15 to 30 years old and they do a lot of research about the things they're interested in.

Tags: Interested, Old, Research

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