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Terry Francona's Profile

Brief about Terry Francona: By info that we know Terry Francona was born at 1959-04-22. And also Terry Francona is American Coach.

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I like information. I love when smart people make me think of something in a new way.

Tags: Love, Smart

Once players have my trust, they have it.

Tags: Once, Players, Trust

There's so much passion and so much interest in the Red Sox in Boston.

Tags: Interest, Passion, Red

As a manager, the more consistent you are, the better off you are. It's easy to be up when things go well. When things don't go well, the players will follow your lead. So you have to be consistent and upbeat, which takes some work sometimes.

Tags: Easy, Sometimes, Work

I think in any organization you want your manager to have a strong opinion. You don't want them to just say, 'Yes, sir' to things they don't believe in.

Tags: Opinion, Strong, Yes

I think the outside world can learn a lot about how to act by watching a major league clubhouse. I don't think you want to do everything the same, but there's a lot of things I think people could learn from.

Tags: Act, Learn, Outside

In Boston I got to a point where I thought I was putting out fires more than being a baseball coach. And some of it was my fault. I was getting stubborn. My fuse was a little shorter than it needed to be. And that helps nobody.

Tags: Baseball, Getting, Thought

It's hard to be a clubhouse guy without being a great guy. I mean, the nature of the job is, you know, you're picking up dirty clothes and you're doing all the tasks that the players - that nobody else wants to do.

Tags: Great, Job, Nature
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