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Adam Shankman's Profile

Brief about Adam Shankman: By info that we know Adam Shankman was born at 1964-11-27. And also Adam Shankman is American Director.

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Dancing and music were my first love. I was happiest at being a chorus boy.

Tags: Boy, Love, Music

For me, there was never an end game for becoming a director.

Tags: Director, End, Game

I grew up in Brentwood, but I live now in Los Feliz. I grew up on the beach, now I live under the Hollywood sign.

Tags: Beach, Hollywood, Sign

I really loved making 'A Walk to Remember', so I'm not afraid of making smaller films. But for me, I just need to connect to the characters.

Tags: Afraid, Making, Remember

The discovery of dance has changed my life in unimaginable ways.

Tags: Dance, Life, Ways

When the opportunity to choreograph came up, it was nothing more in my head but an opportunity. Then it suddenly became a career very quickly.

Tags: Career, Head, Suddenly

A little secret - I'm the child of a shrink. I am; my mom's a shrink, and my father's a lawyer. So believe me, I analyze and negotiate. That is a huge amount of the director's work, especially when you're working with people who - such a variety.

Tags: Father, Mom, Work

I feel like a lot of my past career was going to film school, making a lot of different kinds of movies. I made a bunch of comedies, I made one drama and I made a couple musicals.

Tags: Movies, Past, School

When I put something into motion, the creativity starts to make other people want to jump in, and then a lot of people get employed. I'm just like a shark, in that way. If I stop swimming, I'll die. But, it really is about that shared experience with people. I'm from theater, and that's really what theater feels like.

Tags: Creativity, Die, Experience

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